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  1. You already have several bald bases in your inventory library section with the free avatars SL gives you, type BALD BASE in the little text box of your inventory window to restrict the list to items with that term and you will find them quicker.
  2. Angel Rock Skins http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Costa%20Verde/104/143/28
  3. Ive had that happen and i suspect its because i edited where it goes on my foot? but i can't prove that now. Anyway, put on another pair of shoes by dbl clicking a pair from inv to replace them and then after those rez try putting them back on by dbl clicking again from inv and they should be placed correctly. I had to go through that routine a couple times until SL learned where the shoe belongs and it hasnt happened in a while now.
  4. After reading.. "dave picks his nose and eats its inconspicously looking around thinking no one's looking" 3 times, it's just not funny or cute and endearing anymore
  5. I'm ur girl. on the 2nd time round on SL after like a yr+ break i decide to be me as much as i can cuz i was learnin photoshop n suff, So i used me for a model to learn. I think im kinda rare tho.
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