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  1. Thank you for all of the advice! Answers to specific questions: I'm not inexperienced at RP in general. I've played tabletop games for years, LARPed, para rp in both chat and forums, and some other ways. I'm just looking for some RP in second life. My time zone is EST, and I think that I just had bad luck in the past, because I've finally managed to find some RP to observe. The suggestions were really helpful, so thanks. At this point, I have a couple of characters in mind, but it's an awful time to start something new, with the holidays and everything. And I've had some bad luck wi
  2. Thanks, and that's all helpful advice, but I am still having trouble. How do I find an RP sim that actually has people on it? Even the ones that the destination guide says are populated often aren't. How do I know what times there will tend to be people around? I've tried poking around the websites of various RP groups, but I've never found anything to indicate when they are usually there. And I have visited more desolate RP sims than I can count. Maybe I'm in a weird time zone?
  3. I have been trying to figure out how to get started RPing in second life for some time now, and I'm still baffled. Do new characters just wander on to an RP sim and hope to bump into someone? Is there some sort of introduction process? Is there someone you should talk to before you show up? How do you know when there will be people there? I'd also love a sim recommendation or two. I'm pretty open when it comes to genre, though I slightly prefer fantasy to sci-fi, with a particular interest in steampunk and cyberpunk. I'd prefer non- or low-combat to lots of combat. I'd also like to try playing
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