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  1. Well, then i will try again a bit later (tomorrow), and i'll try to find fore information.
  2. LoveAngeL Lyre, yes. Freya Mokusei, thank you, i will try soon!
  3. Hello. I am just now have registered, downloaded client and recieved an email with topic "You're now verified! See what you've been missing...". Then i tryed to log in, but i have recieved an error "Login failure. Second Life cannot be accessed from this computer.". I read the knowledge base, where wrote: You cannot log into Second Life from this locationThis error message may also appear as: Login failed.Second Life cannot be accessed from this computer.These messages generally indicate you have been blocked from the Second Life servers by Linden Lab as the result of: Documented cases of fraudUse of Second Life by a minorExceptionally flagrant abuse activityNote that someone else in your household may be responsible for this activity, not necessariliy with your account. If you believe that this is an error, submit a support ticket via the support portal. To help customer support determine what block has been placed and why, include in the ticket your Second Life account name and any Second Life accounts that log in from your location. I dont understand! How can i get verification message if i banned after registration and didn't get email about ban? Technical Support, PLEASE, help me.
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