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  1. Thankyou for the assistance all I've had contact with LL and the matter has been resolved
  2. I appreciate all the help, I wasn't aware that by only paying $25 directly to LL per month that I wouldn't own my sim. There was no mention of that I have rented previously so I do know the difference between owning and renting, thankyou
  3. I do pay tiers, $25 RL p/month to keep it upkept but I have no land rights so something's fishy here
  4. I am a premium member, I bought the land from a rental group and then everything came under my name. No land rights have been transferred to me at all since I took ownership
  5. I've recently acquired land on SL. it's part of a mainland sim yet I have no land rights so I can't reset the sim myself No one I've come across can gimme a definite, constructed answer apart from 'LL needs to action it' with no detail how to contact LL so I've resorted to posting here hoping someone can atleast direct me to who I needa talk to My sim is very laggy and is in dire need of reset, so the help would be appreciated Thanks
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