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  1. I have seen these issues on the firestorm viewer and it uses the same coding of the official sl viewer. I have found ways to get around that issue that mostly worked for me. If they are dots showing as nearby on the minimap and radar, just try changing your group tag. If they are showing up as off sim but yet you still see them chatting in local, try either having them sit on something nearby or you could try first black list them, then open the asset blacklist under the world menu and remove them from the list, and then change your group tag. These are usually what worked for me whe
  2. Yea LL hasn't put out an updated Linux viewer for awhile now as I believe they don't have someone that works on them. There are third party viewers that works on Linux viewers you could try like Firestorm as they do try to put out a viewer with some of the newer features in it that the Official Linux viewer does not have. This site shows a list of TPV viewers in it and it also marks which OS they have viewers for. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory
  3. I use a system with an Intel i7 7700K with an Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB with 16 GB of RAM along with two 1TB SSD's and I also notice quite a bit of degraded fps with the beta version that has EEP over the viewer without the EEP. If it can drop fps pretty good on a good system, I hate to see how it drops on people with lower end specs. Bad enough I have already heard of people ending up not being able to access Second Life any more because their old computer can't handle it any more. I like EEP and it looks good so I do hope that the issues gets fixed so we can all enjoy the environments that
  4. You want LL from the future to travel a bit back in time to tell you what is released in a couple weeks from now? Might want to fix the date on your subject if you mean before.
  5. I can duplicate this too and I am in an RC sim that is currently using the same version but will change tomorrow when the rolling restart happens for RC sims. Right now it is at 2020-05-15T18:31:37.542403 so I am surprised no one else had reported this issue yet. It won't let me make a new script in the object but it will allow me to drag and drop a script into it.
  6. Well wetwear, meatwear, or whichever. That is where a lot of the issues comes from and there isn't a patch for that issue. 🙂
  7. They did do the rolling restarts to the correct version but there was an script issue so they ended up rolling things back.
  8. They must of caught something at the last minute and had to change plans.
  9. Yea that is what I thought. I figured it was a mistake and it does look like the main server has that script object rez fix in it which I am seeing some people has to fix their stuff now since some of them uses objects to rez out entire maps for a game.
  10. I'm noticing some sims are showing 2019-11-01T18:02:37.532376 and not the same version as what is posted here. By the way this post looks, all sims should be in the same version as 2019-11-08T19:37:19.532553.
  11. Yea, no vr for the viewer but have a muffin.
  12. None of you guys have noticed that a lot of sites has an option to send codes to your e-mail as well, not just phones so phones would not be required if the option to send the code to your e-mail and it only needs to be done one time as you select to remember this device.
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