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  1. Thought i'd chime in on satelite internet: My mother uses DISH service at her home, with WiFi for the internet. When i visit there i can log into SL easily, and travel inworld just fine- as long as i stay within close range of the router. I haven't had much issue with lag- i can visit inworld clubs and dance with music enabled.. (whereas sometimes with my UVerse at home, i get lots-o-lag.)
  2. The short version: i joined a group that allows me to invite others; Was visiting London, and received invites to join groups from other people; Decided to try to invite people to the group that allows me to invite others; Was ejected by one of those people with this exchange: [12:36] [PERSON]: dont invite [12:36] PERSON]: to your damn group [12:36] [PERSON]: and you are estate banned [12:36] Chickasaur: harsh. [12:37] Chickasaur: just trying it out. [12:37] [PERSON]: nope do it anywhere else and you will probably get worse [12:37] [PERSON]: um no [12:37] [PERSON]: dont play innocent anyways muted now go and try to fill your group with another sim vips [12:38] Chickasaur: wow- thanks for the lovely experience. i thought people were supposed to be helpful to new citizens What happens if i want to visit London again? What happens to the other people who invited folks to join other groups? And by the way, Happy Christmas, since this happened on Xmas day. :( Am i wrong in veiwing this event as unjust??
  3. Wow- so glad i found this post! Was probably on the way to having a seizure with all that flashing mosaic nonsense. Thanks for suggesting the fix- it worked perfectly
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