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  1. Second Life does not promote or support future designers to come in and create for SL. This is made obvious by the recent effort to get people to get subscriptions with predetermined land/houses. This takes away the reason to buy from the marketplace, and I could easily assume people are subscribing to try the game, to just realize a linden home is nothing but a tp button? I hear those Labgabs on Facebook Second Life, and I have a hard time taking the 9mm out of my mouth most the time. They have no grasp on how to grow SL, nor are they trying. Which ends up being truly disappointing for creators willing to spend time creating here. $299 a month and I can make Second Life money, anyone want to donate that monthly for SL? I did not think so. SL doesn't even want to.
  2. I think people are not commenting because some things not need be said.
  3. Sandra msg me inworld: Haggerty Resident. I will hook you up with my new freckles bundle (Just Sandra - no one else is special like her).
  4. Hi Syn, I can do both but what exactly are you needing to get done?
  5. Hello I am looking for a full sim to design some cool stuff on for the masses! Please send me all info if possible so I can learn about what is best for a small person like myself. Thank you in advance for your kindness.
  6. Their new 10% is in effort to sell more mainland, I'm not going to ABC this for some people. Please contribute to an online forum with greater than yourself perspectives in mind. This generic don't give two shts answers wont cut it and we don't need to read something that is just going to make people dumber in the long run.
  7. Very useful information, thanks for spending time on replying like that.
  8. I understand people are bragging about how many cars you own and how many houses you have, then yes I live in La Jolla, California. I work in downtown, my taxes take 1/4 of my paycheck. But none of this has anything to do with Second Life land. Please focus on the issue at hand here in understanding why Linden Labs isn't investing on their growth. What does the new mainland decrease in price even mean for people?
  9. Can someone tell me Lindens reasoning behind really wanting to give away mainland? I assume its on a set of massive servers that doesn't cost much to run. They want bang for their buck on this. The premium scheme is a monthly thing but even that would not raise a lot of money for them. Why don't they focus on private regions and the development of new private "friends only" sims. Some sort of growth factor I am missing here or not able to see?
  10. Virtual Reality will take over eventually. I know it may be five years from now but it is still coming up. Was the square wheels comment a diss on Canadians?
  11. I Ah I understand now! Thank you. I can't wait to see this VR jump.
  12. But why limit users to using a certain amount of prims and certain amount of space? Dreaming with this one; Why not a full private land sandbox for home and not in the directory. <- Christmas Gift IDEA I was looking at the grid survey but if you say its the least that's great. I have seen some beautiful sims that are breath taking on SL, I wont be leaving this guy. Thanks for the advice! It takes a server to host the sim in the current way of life around here but i'm no genius, would LL look into letting residents host their own? Thanks!
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