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  1. I tried updating the initial post, but I am unable to so..... Position filled - closing thread. Thank you everyone for applying! Sending blessings to all of you.
  2. Going to leave this open for a few weeks Thank you for your interest!
  3. Thanks Resi for reaching out. When you say alt you mean another account owned by me - and I do the work, just on another avatar? I currently use one account and have saved bodies to differ. I posted here so I can hire someone to help me with multiple things; modeling being the easiest. Which reminds me: If someone has an alt that is legacy that will work too.
  4. They do not need to own their own sim 🤨 Legacy body is a must. If you alternate between Maitreya and Legacy, that works even better.
  5. Thank you for your interest. Will send a message now.
  6. I am looking to fill quite the unique position. 🙂 I have a store, hotel, club, sim with rentals that I am in the process of putting together and I am in need of a right hand person to help support and make my life easier. I am in need of someone with an updated avatar to be able to test out and be photographed for product images. I need someone who can manage events (set them up properly), motivate me in improving things, produce ideas, and eventually love to care for the ventures. For more information please message me your username and I will contact in world. REQUIREMENTS: Fe
  7. In short, they are buying to sell to the next big thing.
  8. This is why things have been shady around here lately. No one asks questions as to why but they defend Second Life without free thinking. I am hoping they will not kill this off like they have been.
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