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  1. squashy Beeswing wrote: 5-year-olds don't speak like that! You sound more like 2 years old. bwahahah!!
  2. :matte-motes-kiss: Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Camel toe! :matte-motes-sick: sexy right? lol
  3. LoveAngeL Lyre wrote: Hello Zakira. Your avatar is attractive and i am sure that you will make many new friends here. Have fun! Awww you are so kind thanks sweetie and I hope so too so far no luck =[
  4. Lol @ the southern accent. Everything Exploring different sims, shopping, doing hunts I looooooooooooove hunts. Just enjoying sl drama free. I am always up to learn things on sl. I might be an old head but LOLI have a mind of a noob when it comes to making things hehe.
  5. Well Hello There!! I am Zakira new to the forums but not SL. I am looking for friends. I love to shop meet new ppl, and explore different Sims. I am 20 yrs old from the South so when I do mic only if requested I have a Southern Bella accent. I am always online & easy to please. All I ask for is three things, Honesty Loyalty & respect. Hope to meet you guys soon. Below is diffent pictures of me in world. =) Xoxox Zakira. Seaside
  6. **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lvazojZ8vA1r37uqeo1_500.png" border="0" />
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