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  1. Freya Mokusei wrote:


    The problem is that the primary growth market for VW's and Online Chat has
    almost always
    been teens aged 11-20, and these users are invisible (or non-existant) in Second Life. 
    It's interesting but not surprising that no-one's suggested marketing Third Life to this demographic.


    I have seen a rumour that SL2 will be Sanitised Life, a family-friendly upgrade of SL with Club Penguin overtones.

    Father "In fact, I started that rumour" Jim

  2. LaskyaClaren wrote:


    To build upon what Dres has said about this . . . a profile isn't just a bit of text, or a blog post or Facebook update. It's a statement about who one is, a way of defining oneself.

    And what if one wants to define oneself as an amoral, plagiarising anti-establishment activist?

    And how do you stand on using appropriately referenced quotations? Academically sound,  but unoriginal?

    And remember, stealing from one source is plagiarism; stealing from many is research.

    Father "Who was the most famous plagiarist ever? Martin Luther King!" Jim

  3. Kayleigh McMillan wrote:

    I am not worried nor do I feel left out but I thank you so very much for your concerns that is very much appreciated :-)

    Did you notice I placed leak between qoutes as such: "leak".

    I'm awared this was a planned slip of the tongue or "official" announcement if you will.

    It's just a shame they hadn't let Peter Grey know, so he could have prepared some damage limitation material.

    Or even some prepared answers other than "We're not ready to talk about this yet".

    Father "It's funny how those attending that discussion have suggested that it didn't seem intentional at the time" Jim

  4. Parrish Ashbourne wrote:

    LL chose option C do both, they are working on a next generation platform seprate fom SL, and are continuing to develop SL with
    no plans to shut it down

    They have actually aid they will shut it down as soon as it becomes unprofitable.

    Which is likely to be sooner rather than later as the SL economy shrinks.

    As users gradually work out that they are buying stuff which will be useless in SL2.

    They are already taking steps to keep it profitable by considerably reducing the number of developers working on it.

    Father "which means that even less will get done on it than before" Jim

  5. irihapeti wrote:

    over the street way down in the chat Wolkenreiter said something really insightful

    up until now much of my own thinking and lots of others thinking was: How can you make a betterworld that does everything that SL does now but better. And also how to do all of the things SL cant do now but can do in the Betterworld, but Better also

    then Wolkenreiter gave an example:

    maybe in the betterworld the avatar is graphically better (speed wise) and artistically better in terms of looks and also better operationally and modally. So the avatar runs/renders as well on a tablet as it do on a PC. The LoD of the mesh adapting dynamically to the device. This being better for a larger number of users overall, than just for the number who make up the creator class who will still need a PC to make stuff on

    a avatar that has less options in determing shape than we get in SL now. Less options so that fitted mesh clothes fit perfectly automagically every time for the greatest number of users. This being better for the users (the automagic fitting without tweak and hacks like alphas) and better for the creators who have a fixed range of shapes they have to design/create for

    like SL but simpler


    much of what you have written in your last post concur with this: like SL but simpler. Is better bc is simpler

    i like it. I get it now what LL are wanting to. I get it now what they mean when they say better

    maybe LL arent as good workflow designers as Apple and maybe never will be. But then neither were Samsung once. So i think is a fighting chance for LL. and I dont think they need be intimidated by deep pockets FB or the crazy genius of Uncle Philip and the even more crazy people with bubbles and goggles pasted on their heads

     do a Samsung

    like SL but simpler. in the delivery to the most number of people and more affordable. Which is better


    It sounds like you're suggesting LL is trying to emulate Apple - and Facebook - and make technology simpler for (rich) idiots to use.

    Father "thinks there's more than enough idiots in SL already" Jim

  6. Medhue Simoni wrote:


    Well, you just proved you know nothing about economics, as nobody needed saving

    Yeah, right.

    Medhue Simoni wrote:


     The average guy, would not have been affected at all by the crisis.

    Yeah, right. (Note the correct use of a comma.)



    Medhue Simoni wrote:


     What the central banks did was save all the criminals and gave the public the bill

    In the case of the UK, I think you are confusing the Bank of England with Her Majesty's - pragmatic - Government. I can't speak for your less enlightened administration, but Mervyn's strategy mitigated what would have been a Depression, and left us here with a very manageable recession. I realise that places like Italy and Greece - and the rest of the begging bowl of Europe - may have had problems, but that's nothing new. The US, despite causing the problems and refusing to do anything about them initially, eventually listened to what Mervyn was saying, although Buffy St Marie's sentiments do apply:



    Medhue Simoni wrote:


     housing prices should had fallen greatly after the crisis.

    They didded in the UK.



    Medhue Simoni wrote:


     because of all the money that was printed.

    Ah, I see you are a Friedmanite Monetarist. His theories only apply in the context of a relatively stable economic situation, which make them rather useless in "crisis" times. If you are talking about "quantitative easing" increasing the money supply, then you should know that King considers that a confidence tool, the actual injection being inconsequential in comparison with the message it sends - it does no real harm and also placates the Chicago School of critics.



    Medhue Simoni wrote:

    Where did I say that confidence means anything at all? That only applies to fake products, not real 1's.

    Hmm, it's interesting to see you bring in the concept of "fake products" when referring to inessential "luxury goods" traded in a virtual market, in which customers are entirely dependent upon confidence in the seller, as they have no effective legal recourse when those products are not delivered, are defective, or are unilaterally deleted by LL following some unsubstantiated complaint - or, as is the current situation, rendered useless by a change in technology or a forced platform migration.



    Medhue Simoni wrote:
     Real products aren't affected by confidence at all.

    Yeah, right.



    Medhue Simoni wrote:


     People either need or want the product or they don't.

    Nobody needsa virtual product.

    Medhue Simoni wrote:
     it might have some

    As with Mr Altberg, your inability to express yourself accurately diminishes any claim you may have to using that same defective brain to make a cogent argument. I hope, for your sake, and while the less well informed element of the market is still making useless investments in soon-to-be-obsolescent products, your animations are less subject to errors.

    Although I must praise your continuing Canute-like one-man campaign to stem the tide of economic failure in SL, I should point out that the Bay City Rollers may have sold a lot of records at one time, but like Justin B, their product was execrable and they quickly descended the slippery path to physical and moral bankruptcy.

    Father "stick to your knitting" Jim

  7. Dillon Levenque wrote:

    madjim wrote:

    Oh, and I am also a Cambridge educated economist - taught by the Governor of the Bank of England whose belatedly-followed advice rescued the UK *and* the USA following the crisis

    Of course you are. I remember you from those classes. I do hope the acne has cleared up.

    I've since gone on to a quite successful career and life. I've even acquired a George Cross, for having disarmed and disabled a group of Provos whe were bent on harming the Queen as she parachuted into the Olympic Stadium.

    Hmmm, I didn't have acne by that time, although I do remember one "guy" who a friend of mine sat next to in lectures that took exception to his comments on how ugly most of the female Economists were. Was that you, pre-op?

    You may wish to note that my general exhortation is not to believe everything you read on the internet, not anything you read.

    Father "loves it when his truth is disbelieved, even more than when his lies are accepted" Jim

  8. Medhue Simoni wrote:

    madjim wrote:

    Medhue Simoni wrote:


    As far as MS not being part of the mobile market, I would beg to differ, as the Surface Pro is the only actually productive tablet on the market. It is the only tablet that is what tablets should have been from the start. Presently, I have yet to buy a tablet, as why would I buy a useless toy to read webpages. That's only worth about 50 cent to me. I might actually go get the Surface Pro 3 tho.

    Given your apparent propensity to back obvious losers, please don't offer me any racing tips.

    Father "heaping Pelion upon Ossa" Jim

    Using this same logic, Apple was a loser for the vast majority of their existence. Even today, if you look at the stats on any website, you'll see that it's not people with apple products visiting websites the most. I don't base things on HYPE, but the facts.

    Apple is STILL a loser. Check those stats of iPhones against Android. Just like Mac and PC all over again.

    Father "Losers buy Apple products because they want to be like other losers" Jim

  9. Medhue Simoni wrote:


    As far as MS not being part of the mobile market, I would beg to differ, as the Surface Pro is the only actually productive tablet on the market. It is the only tablet that is what tablets should have been from the start. Presently, I have yet to buy a tablet, as why would I buy a useless toy to read webpages. That's only worth about 50 cent to me. I might actually go get the Surface Pro 3 tho.

    Given your apparent propensity to back obvious losers, please don't offer me any racing tips.

    Father "heaping Pelion upon Ossa" Jim

  10. Medhue Simoni wrote:


    You do not know me very well, do you?

    No, but I know your type only too well. I spent most of the 80s listening to creatives who couldn't understand why their business was doing so well on Awards Night, had a string of blue chip clients, and seemed to win every pitch they wooed, yet there was not enough left in the bank to pay salaries at the end of the month.

    I spent another decade around the turn of the century listening to technical creatives who thought that registering a cool domain was 90% of the effort in setting up an internet business, and insisted on building sites for the 5% of the market that had the same high-spec PCs on which they developed their undocumented systems.

    What was I doing? Mainly trying to rescue them before their idiot funding ran out. Some listened - one in particular ended up floating in the US before allowing NCR to make millionaires of the founders, although I just took my usual upfront fee, dammit - but most didn't. I presume that several of my defunct ex-clients are now among the SL creator "elite", living in a fantasy world and selling unnecessary crap to other fantasists.

    Oh, and I am also a Cambridge educated economist - taught by the Governor of the Bank of England whose belatedly-followed advice rescued the UK *and* the USA following the crisis - so please don't start trying to tell me about market behaviour; Keynes would have agreed with you about the confidence factor being critical, and I can understand your desperate but unavailing attempts to reassure anybody who might be listening that everything will be alright in the end, but I am afraid that Mr Altberg's PR disaster has fatally undermined the market as well as his standing with his customers and Board. The official silence is resounding.

    Father "And I have a feeling the next major announcement may not be what you are hoping for" Jim


  11. Suspiria Finucane wrote:

    Maryanne Solo wrote:

    \0_ !!!! 

    Hi Susy!

    BigHeapTrollothon got smacked down bad?? lol :smileyvery-happy:

    Back tho of course.:smileytongue:

    Regurgitators are wilting hahahaha.:matte-motes-tongue:

    Interesting what a CEO can do

    Even more interesting is what a CEO and his combined "might" of technical, legal and PR forces are unable to do...

    Father "Their impotence is illuminating" Jim

  12. Medhue Simoni wrote:


    I love it when people talk about things they have no knowledge of at all. The drama is really just about over. I can see it in my sales. So, basically, all this drama created by people that don't know a thing about 3D creation, nor game engines, has just about runs [sic] it's [sic] course.

    And there we have the crux of your problem. You seem to believe that technical knowledge regarding 3D creation or game engines means that you understand business. As with most creators and artists, you really don't have the first clue. You remind me of the answer to the question: How do you get a creative person to run a small company? You just give them a big company and wait a year or so.

    But keep talking, you might persuade other creators and artists to buy your stuff so you can pretend that the world is not going to end very soon.

    You also remind me of the guy who jumped off the top of the Empire State Building, and was seen smiling and talking all the way down.

    Father "What he was saying was 'All right so far. All right so far . . . ' "

  13. And Wilmotts is supposed to be a master tactician! Did he not point out to his team that Howard goes to ground faster than a fox chased by a pack of hounds, and is easily beaten by chipping the ball. It took a substitution to demonstrate that to all those potential world cup winners in the Belgian team, Lukaku having the benefit of being Howard's erstwhile team-mate at Everton, and therefore knowing his weakness as well as his strength, and first chance he had he put it in the air, out of reach of the floundering ex-hero.

    Father "How much are these guys paid? And I'm not even a soccer enthusiast." Jim

  14. Ebbe Linden wrote:


    Hi, first let me reiterate that SL is not going away and that we have a dedicated team that will continue to make SL better. 

    As this new world takes shape we want to make it easy for SL users to come in and explore and help us shape it's future. We're aiming to let people start playing with it sometime next year. For a long time you can choose where to spend your time and energy. We have no plans to shut SL down or force people to migrate. Only time will tell what will ultimately be best for users and our business.

    We have said that we don't want to constrain ourselves with the requirement of full content backwards compatibility, as that may make it impossible to make the advances in quality and experience and thus make it less competitive in the long run. More information will come with time, but if you work with mesh your experience and content will be useful for sure. Scripting will change as we'll introduce a modern language (possibly c#, but not decided). 

    Yes, we are thinking that there will be free accounts but that's a while out as Beta next year may not be completely open. 

    This new world will allow us to improve graphics, performance, quality and empower creators to create richer and more powerful experiences that are not possible today. We'll also do the work to support phones and tablets in addition to PC and VR hardware. 

    We will all have plenty of time to see how this will work out. 

    Thank you for serving residents from Brazil. It's a great market for us.  

    Thank you Peter.

    Father "You need to work on the its and it's though" Jim

  15. Oh, and the big question Ebbe now has to resolve is not retention of users in the new world.

    It's how to retain SL's current user base so that a flow of funds is available for investment to develop the new world.

    His premature, and obviously unprepared, announcement will be driving the current SL economy further into recession until concrete plans for the "BetterWorld" are revealed.

    Once they are, things may improve, but more likely those plans will be derided as much as Ebbe's lack of PR nous.

    Father "enjoy it while you still can" Jim

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