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  1. PudgyPaddy wrote: Maybe it is time for us all to grow up a little bit and admit to our errors in judgment. You and only you can figure that one out. Well let' s have a look at your account : Date Registered 02-08-2012 02:12 PM . Looks to me you' re still the alt hiding the main. You are also dead wrong in your assumption to grasp who I am referring to. And if that' s an error in my judgement about you, I simply don' t care one iota either. Get stuffed, Storm.
  2. Orca Flotta wrote: But yeahh.. Like do i report it or something? Or just let it be? Nobody likes snitches, Carl Well .. funny you mention that .. I reported a main .. and an alt returned to the scene stating on entry : " Expect to get ****ed when you're a snitch." I merely pointed out he made an apparant typing error and reported him again after he tried to bring the region to a standstill a second time by rezzing a heavily scripted object with high prim count. I don' t really care if he likes me or not. :robotindifferent:
  3. Carl Thibodeaux wrote: But yeahh.. Like do i report it or something? Or just let it be? You might notify the owner first about your observations and see if you can discuss this amicably. If you can' t and still find the owner breaches TOS and evades correct rating policies, you might go ahead reporting her / him. I suppose there' s nothing else to do if sim is abandoned and owner doesn' t respond at all.
  4. I think public nudity ( or skimpyness ? ) is encompassed with M. Not sure about lapdances, but they might as well be as long as both avatars are dressed. Public fornication isn' t M-rated for sure. If that is happening at the sim, the owner should relocate to Zindra and have the region set at a rating of A.
  5. The tongue like a sharp knife... Kills without drawing blood. - Buddha
  6. pixlie wrote: I was wondering a couple things about the voice option in SL. Is there a way to leave a voice IM for someone who is not online? Also was wondering one person could voice and the other one text talk? Thanks! No. Yes. You're welcome.
  7. Keli Kyrie wrote: Just because some does not have RL Feelings for SL does not mean they are a lesser Human Being, they just have different needs, wants, and desires. Someone playing / doing SL without any form of emotion at all ? I'm attacking those that "don't have RL Feelings for the game they are playing" ? What kind of player / resident is that ? Is one of those even human ? :robotindifferent:
  8. I take it you're one of the few NOT buying shares today .. :robotlol: Makes at least 2 of us ... :robotwink:
  9. /me looks from his comfy seat on his wall. /me smiles. You know .. this was hanging on my wall long before this thread. Given to me by a good friend. I' ve been and I still am happy to pass it to almost anyone along in SL who wants one. There are yet those I will not give it to myself. That' s SL(F). ETA : Original object by Carmsie Melodie.
  10. Dude .. no mentioning of IPO of a certain company on this date ? :robotindifferent: Man .. dez cold ... :robotsurprised:
  11. Nah ... I hobsgesogtundnunweischt .. :robottongue:
  12. :robotsurprised: /me whispers : Diablo III ... dyamn .. you been in cryosleep ? :robotindifferent:
  13. emmettcullen93 wrote: ... we love him so much ... Ohnowedinnint !!!! >.<
  14. Keli Kyrie wrote: the Dragons, Trolls, and Vampires (virtual and metaphors) have just as much right to be here as the rest of us. How do we react when we can't walk away? You might consider chosing your friends more wisely ... :robotindifferent:
  15. You should be wearing this av. And hum this song while inworld :
  16. If you select this : You get a screen like this : When bumped , pushed or hit you should be told by who or what ... :robotindifferent: PS If you can' t see the Develop - entry of the main menu , use CTRL+ALT+Q to activate it.
  17. Braydon Randt wrote: ok... Bray p.s Dont fall foul .... if it ends up a dirty place where there is no room for movementt, then it is nolonger the metaverse .. and just a money grabbing state of immediate value, distrust, slander, liable and poo slinging. then who can we blame but ourselves. /me stares back at you. Please excuse them, while we bang on things .... :robotindifferent:
  18. To me I'm GOD but most would call me a DEVIL ... :robotindifferent:
  19. :robotlol: /me pumps his elbow in his side once.
  20. You forgot to include a *.com, *.org or any other extension the URL is hosted at ... Now hand me my points ... :robotindifferent:
  21. Check your Preferences CTRL+P and most notably your Graphics : There' s a slider on lower left for physics. What is your value of amount of particles shown ( slider on upper right ) ? Increase if 0. Did you clear your cache before starting Firestorm ? Always clear cache first before switching viewers. Good luck.
  22. Hey Oskar ...... .... good job ... :robotvery-happy:
  23. /me is shocked. I could not login in now for at least an hour. Whuddya mean 'scheduled maintenance' ? Enough is enough. :robotsurprised: /me' s face is steaming red. Revolt !! Revolt !! Hang all Lindens ! :robotmad: /me lets his shoulders hang. Oh, who am I kidding ? ... :robotindifferent: _____________________________________ Feel free to copy the above for personal use. ETA : added tumbleweed ETA2 : Except Oskar Linden. And anyone helping him. And the linden trees on my land. And Torley ( yeh of course ) and I do understand scheduled maintenance ... and... ETA3 : Oh .. I'm back in.
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