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  1. Have you considered surgery? Fidor (If you're looking for a female who is your equal you will hav eto get a partial lobotomy at least.)
  2. I hate cold coffee. Fidor (This stupid woman is the reason McD's serves even worse coffee now than it did before.)
  3. Is your attention span limited to the first three words in a sentence? Fidor (made it easier for you to concentrate.)
  4. MY.REALLIFE.COM has even more issues. Fidor (I would lik eto swap identities with a younger richer and more beautiful person; can you help me LL?)
  5. Only Second.Life is allowed to troll. Fidor (Damn this English language, I keep mixoing up the meainings of troll and spam.)
  6. I use AdBlockPlus. Fidor (Which works well if you use Firefox.)
  7. I am entertaining myself. These forums are not entertaining Fidor (As hi sname sugegsts is an inhabitant of the feeds.) (With his name changed to protect the guilty.)
  8. It sounds like it's time to change the battery in my pacemaker. What's that you say? Oh yes, the one in my hearing aid too! Fidor
  9. Phil Deakins wrote: When you get past a certain age, you no longer mind dating yourself When you get past a certain age the women are no longer interested in you anyway! Fidor
  10. BothamFidor

    French RP

    Zut alors, Isabel! Vous shouldez contacter Carole ou Elaine puis elles cannerent aider vous a learner comment rp bisexual bilingual dans les forums. They l'ont fait deja ici, meme qu'on a prendu l'ombrage au manglant de la langue magnifique. Fidor
  11. Sounds like Linden Realms for grown-ups . . . Fidor (Actually I would be dating myself if I admitted to knowing what you were talking about, wouldn't I, Phil?)
  12. Phil Deakins wrote: I think your "domme" got what she deserved this Christmas - outed. I do like Celestiall's post. Ain't it good we got her reinstated. Fidor (Now what can we do about securing Pep's return?) (Or is he happy playing in the feeds for the time being?)
  13. Pussycat Catnap wrote: Hate and bigotry is still hate and bigotry regardless. That is what I keep telling the feminist activists Chauvinism is not solely a male characteristic.
  14. Phil Deakins wrote: MasterJedi Nayar wrote: I have seen this 3-D virtual reality grow a lot since I first started in Augutst 17, 2007. I have seen a good many make real life money in SL. There is more to SL than making a living. Education is an all time high. There is so much that can be done in the conventional world. SecondLife broadens that horizon. I think that with all the social netowrking system, including SecondLife, the economy can move in the direction it should. The Industrial Age was a wonderful experience. Now it is the 21st Century and beyond. We need to focus on
  15. Theresa Tennyson wrote: Too much of anything can get old quickly, be it self-serving sentimental slush or smug, sensatiionalized snark or even the letter "S". When are you going to come out of your altcave and join us in-world, Botham? I've been searching on you and you haven't shown up yet. You sound interesting, though probably not as interesting as you think you are. You don't think I am stupid enough to compromise the stability and future of my inworld business empire by entrusting it to the capricious nature of a hungover moderator who just got dumped by her girlfriend before being
  16. "Most of the time I want to give you a slap, but occasionally you are mildly amusing" Fidor
  17. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: When I think about it, is that transcendental meditation? Don't worry about my comments, i is imaginary. Fidor
  18. Solipcyst wrote: BothamFidor wrote: Surely the answer is the same as for every other company that leads the market with disruptive technology: once they have broken the paradigm (if an analogous one even exists) or stretched the envelope... If SL is a failure in any respect, it's in its ability to provide the disruptive technology you speak of here. Hubris is not reality and if we really were looking for Linden Labs to create a gale of "Creative Destruction" of the kind described by Schumpeter, we've been badly let down. At the most we've been privy to a small squeak of embarrassin
  19. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: 3.141592653... (sad scripting geek that I am) You're irrational! Fidor
  20. Pussycat Catnap wrote: How anyone could have something against people who want gender equality baffles me to no end. it baffles me why they should be fighting an activist campaign in SL where nobody knows your real gender!
  21. Phil Deakins wrote: Apart from anonymously starting a load of silly threads and attempting to fill the front page with junk, what do you do to while away some spare time? Discuss it here. If you continue to criticise Linden Lab for spamming its own forums you will probably get a visit from the authorities, Phil!
  22. Theresa Tennyson wrote: Trying to get others to agree with one's rather exaggerated sense of self-coolness by spamming a lot of snarky threads? Oh wait, that's been done... I wouldn't mind so much if they hadn't stickied their self-serving sentimental slush so the actual interesting stuff disappears below the fold. This is propagandist censorship of the worst kind. RIC the posts and get them unstuck!!!
  23. I like crossover roleplay, as it is both more challenging and more flexible. So does anybody know where i could find robot vampires, say, or Gorean vampires? Or maybe kid's play vampires? I used to watch the cartoon about The Littlest Vampire and it was funny. The teeth would also give a good reason to lisp, wouldn't they! Any more crossover rp suggestions?
  24. Congratulations . . . . . . from the other 43, 722 couples whose relationships in SL didn't make it past a month. ETA and any number of partners in rl who don't play SL whose relationships have been wrecked by those cheating in SL.
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