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  1. The "Stand" button which normally appears over the local chat line while sitting no longer appears for my avatar. It is avatar specific, as the button shows up OK with I log in with my Alt. This suggests to me that it is not a viewer issue, but some preference or avatar configuration issue. I see the same problem with both SL Viewer and Firestorm. How can I get this button to show up again for the affected Avatar? RE: Suggestion to check if viewer is in full screen. The viewer is in full screen. Problem still happens. Note that the "Stand" button does not appear with my main avatar, when using Firestorm and also SL Viewer. Full screen or windowed, same issue. The "Stand" button *does* appear with both viewers on the same PC with my ALT avatar. This suggests that is is not a viewer issue as it works with one avatar and not the other. As the problem is avatar specific it suggests come configuration setting that is bound to the avatar. I do not see anywhere in preferences I can adjust the "Stand" button. Is there some debug setting related to the "Stand" button that can reset the button to the default position on the screen?
  2. A line like this: NVIDIA GTX 780M .*NVIDIA .*GTX 78[0-9]M.* 5 1 0 0 needs to be added to gpu_table.txt to update the table for the 780M obviously more lines are needed for the other nVIDIA 700 series GPUs
  3. Sorry but the latest release does not work. The regular expressions in the gpu_table.txt fail to parse and recognize my GPU card which is reported to be NVIDA Corporation GeForce GTX 780M/PCIe/SSE2 The client then set me to LOW graphics with all the shader options GREYed out. So the problem has not been fixed in the latest release.
  4. Hi... Wow... I downloaded the client from the secondlife.com main web page and got version "Second Life 3.6.8 (282367)" Let me give this new version a try.
  5. Hi, My new laptop has a NVIDIA GTX 780M with 4GB GDDR5. Windows 8 64bit. I installed the latest SL Viewer and the view gave me a warning that it thought the video card was either not good enough to run SL, or that it was to new to run SL. Either way it set the graphics settings all the way to LOW and let me log in. I set the graphics slider to ULTRA but the check boxes for shaders and other advanced lighting features are all GREY and I can not enable them. Is there some debug setting I can change to get the viewer to un-grey the check boxes? Thanks!
  6. Hi and thank you for all your suggestions. Ultimately what I tried is to stop for the night and go out clubbing instead. When I tried again the next day, everything worked perfectly. No changes, just the mesh importer had a good nights sleep I guess and decided to work. lol My theory is that the SL importer software had some problem communicating with other SL servers associated with payment. Connection timeout or something. Note the wierd "fee request failed" warning? Then it throws a "bad mesh" error at me. Payment has nothing to do with the quality of the mesh. Raena
  7. Hi, I have a model I successfully uploaded and tested on the beta server. However when I try to upload it on the production server I get an error as such: 2012-04-09T00:50:51Z WARNING: LLWholeModelFeeResponder::completed: fee request failed 2012-04-09T00:50:51Z WARNING: log_upload_error: stage: fee http status: 408 2012-04-09T00:50:51Z WARNING: log_upload_error: bad mesh, no error information available Using 3DS Max, have successfully uploaded many models before. Not sure what is going on now. Thoughts and suggestions appreciated. Raena
  8. On Windows 7: C:\Users\ [ YOUR_USER_NAME] \AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\logs\
  9. Thank you thank you! I thought I was loosing my mind. Spent the last three hours banging my head on the Upload Model dialog, trying all kinds of different meshes and options. /me shakes head... Ok I will work on this more in the morning .....
  10. I am making a house. The mesh uploads ok by itself, rezes in world ok, but of course the default physics are all wrong. When I add my own physics mesh "from file" the "Calculate weights & fee" box becomes ghosted and I can not upload. I have even tried to use a simple box which totally encloses the house mesh, and I assigned one of the house mesh materials to the simple box. Same problem. I am using the latest SL Viewer and uploading on the main grid. 3dsMax is my modeling tool. Suggestions on what to do or investigate to debug this problem? Thanks!
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