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  1. I filed a report in game on the user. What he did was excessive scripting. My computer is built for gaming and it was almost completely crashed by one thing.
  2. Will do. I was in that specific sim due to it being a sandbox so I could mod an Avi. Not my normal area. Also will remove name. Can supply it on request to mods or admins.
  3. Ok I ran into someone seriously needing banned. He began harrasing me and griefing me with a shoop da whoop laser thing to push me around the map, belittled me, and to top it off, encased me in a giant light ball which crashed my client and almost my PC. I was able to open my Camtasia recorder device and log back in, to still be encased. I couldn't even move out, as he seemed to have made it follow me somehow. I will include the link below, and hope it finds an admin or mod to deal with this issue. Youtube link to video for proof, users profile is up but was unable to report due to lag. Second Life griefer
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