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  1. We are a social sex club looking to expand on Events and Dancers.  We are currently looking for reliable people who want to be here and have no problems engaging the guests in conversation.  Socializing is a huge aspect of our club.  Sex is NOT required for any position though you should be comfortable with nudity and sex engaged couples.  Dancers & Hosts receive 90% tips.  DJs receive 100% tips.  Hosts and DJs are held to a one event minimum but may take on other sets as well.  While we do advertise, our traffic fluctuates so you should be willing to network on your own to gain regulars.  If you are interested, please contact either Chablis Kinsella or VyeBrator Blazewood in-world to inquire as we do not do applications. If you wish to drop by the club and check us out, you can tp here:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paradise Dreamland/253/64/22

  2. Pink Velvet Strip & Dance Club is looking for outgoing, upbeat, positive and friendly dancers.  All applicants must be at least 30 days old, have a mesh body & head, be a RL female and be 18 or older in real life.
    What we offer:

    ♦ No experience necessary.  We will train.
    ♦ No hour minimal to deal with.  Work when you want.
    ♦ 90% of all your tips.
    ♦ Disbursement program - get paid for your dancer referrals.
    ♦ Dancer of the Week Program.
    ♦ Classes related to dancing/emoting.
    ♦ Opportunity for advancement.
    ♦ No escorting.
    ♦ Theme days.

    Of course we also hire experienced dancers but we don't mind training those who are interested but don't know where to start.  Open concept, sand & sun venue.  If you'd like to inquire or are interested in working for a fun, chillaxed club please contact Alee Bimbogami or VyeBrator Blazewood in-world.  


  3. Fun, spirited open concept venue seeking upbeat, energetic and professional DJs for Events.  DJ's must have their own broadcaster and stream.  What we offer:

    *Open concept venue
    * 100% tips
    * 1 scheduled event minimum
    * Ability to Freelance after the 1 scheduled event (spin when you feel like it)
    * Ability to pick up events
    * Playful themes
    * Multiple Clubs

    What we ask from you is to keep the music to genres relating to clubs.  Be reliable and trustworthy.  You may work as a team if you already have a Host.  We are looking for all time zones.  If you are interested, please contact Alee Bimbogami or VyeBrator Blazewood in-world.  Thanks & happy spinning :D

  4. Outdoor beach venue, open concept looking for reliable, upbeat and energetic Hosts.  What we offer:

    90% tips

    Fun themes

    No apps to fill out.

    No experience necessary, we train.

    No plugs for stores or ad boards!!

    1 Event minimum.  You may Host other events if you like as well.

    Clothing is optional!  Not required to be nude.

    Hosting is a fun way to meet new people and enjoy great music!  If you'd like to inquire feel free to contact Alee Bimbogami or VyeBrator Blazewood in-world.  We'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and to show you around the club!          [http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/L A Dreams/230/28/21 Pink Velvet]

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  5. Limelight Social & Sex club hiring Dancers.  We are a chill club with a fun environment and love to flirt & tease!  What we offer is as follows:

    90% tips

    No experience necessary, we will train.

    Flexible hours - No shift minimal, work when you want.

    Disbursement program - get paid while offline!

    Advancement opportunities

    Emote classes - improve your skills

    NO escorting required - sex is optional.

    If interested please contact Chablis Kinsella or VyeBrator Blazewood in-world via IM or note card.




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  6. We are a laid back social sex club looking for upbeat, outgoing and fun DJs & Hosts.  Sex or nudity is not a requirement to be a member.  We offer the following for serious inquiries:

    1 shift minimal @ 2 hours but may pick up/cover events as well.

    Playful themes and Events - clothing optional

    NO boring apps 

    100% tips for DJs, 90% tips for Hosts

    Host - NO experience necessary as we can train.

    We accept both solo and teams :D

    Group join required.


    Anyone interested in joining our Events team please contact either Chablis Kinsella or VyeBrator Blazewood inworld for details or questions.  Have a blessed day ♥ 





  7. We are looking for very upbeat, outgoing, professional personalities as Hosts for Limelight Social & Sex club.  Must be a conversationalist and not depend on gestures throughout the Event.  Some gestures are fine but we prefer hand typed responses and encouragement. NO experience necessary, we can train you.

    • All tips, 90%
    • 1 Event minimal @ 2 hours
    • Ability to pick up or cover other events.
    • You will need room for 3 groups (2 for those already Dancers)
      - Dancer Group (50L fee) for notices and website registration 
      - VIP group for notices to our members
      - Events Group for check ins and any issues with Events
    • Must be comfortable with partial and full nudity

    **We have multiple fun themes, some requiring nudity participation.  If you are not comfortable with nudity please do not sign up for events such as Nude Night.**

    Those interested, please contact me in-world.  You may IM me but it is better to send me a notecard listing your contact info and a good time to reach you.  We look forward to working with you and hope you will join our team!

    VyeBrator Blazewood
    Officer of Limelight

  8. Limelight is looking for energetic, reliable Hosts. 

    No app to fill out, 90% tips, 1 shift minimal (after the 1 shift you can Host more if you wish), fun & playful themes, no experience needed as we can train, must be comfortable with partial and full nudity of guests/staff.  Must also be comfortable with pumping up the crowd & engaging the guests in conversation.  No stores or ad boards that you need to promote.  

    If interested please contact me, VyeBrator Blazewood, in world.  You may IM me or leave me a note card with your contact info.

  9. I am interested in those who speak and write in other languages besides English.  The languages I am most needing are French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.  I need some Guidelines and other items translated.  Serious inquiries only please.  We all know that Google Translate exists but it's not always true to the language needed.  Contact me inworld, VyeBrator Blazewood.


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  10. I would like to personally invite you to come check out our club and inquire about our dancing positions.  I think you will enjoy what we have to offer as well as the energetic people we have within the club.  

    What we offer is as follows:

    - NO set hours or schedule.
    - NO managers in your IM box cracking a whip
    - NO lengthy emotes required 
    - NO Escorting -- though sex is featured and optional.
    - Advanced and fair statistical tracking of any work you contribute.
    - Lax dance and social atmosphere.
    - Disbursement program for dancer referrals. (Earn from others)
    - A chance to move up quickly and become part of the core Staff group.

    Feel free to drop by the club and check us out!    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paradise Dreamland/250/64/22    While there, be sure and speak to any of our Managers or Directors for more info!  Or, contact me inworld, directly, VyeBrator Blazewood.

  11. We are a social sex club with a lax environment and LOVE to have fun.  We don't stress the small stuff and encourage flirtation and conversation!

    90% tips  
    1 shift minimum - pick up events optional
    Playful Themes (must be comfortable with nudity)
    No experience necessary as we can train.

    Must have a good grasp of English, be positive, talkative and outgoing.  Contact VyeBrator Blazewood, inworld, if interested. 

  12. Hey all!  We are currently looking for dancers for our outdoor venue.  No experience necessary, must be at least 7 days old.  90% tips, disbursement program (Make money for referring your friends), no set schedule or minimal, 90%% tips, Elite program and a chance to move up rank fairly quickly with the right attitude and mentality :)  For more info, contact either Jewelyn Mysterious or VyeBrator Blazewood inworld.

  13. Hey all :)  Limelight is looking to hire dancers, hosts & DJs.  Dancers get 90% tips, NO set schedules or time minimals and no experience necessary just be at least 7 days old.  Hosts, 1 shift minimal per week, 90% tips & no experience needed, able & willing to train. DJ's 1 shift minimal, 100%tips, must have own stream & broadcaster.  For any questions please contact VyeBrator Blazewood.  

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