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  1. Granted, boss. I bet Marut will be nicer to me, anyway. But of course, now you have to do your own accounts. I wish I got ALL Lindal's SL Christmas presents this year. Her inventory's too full anyway.
  2. Then why do YOU have all the shoes!?
  3. Just for that, I'm going to erase the last quarter's income records for Masocado.
  4. Not at all. The proper way to put up a parcel border wall, if you simply must do it, is to make it phantom, and transparent on the OUTSIDE. This way, it shields you from the ugly crap next door, but does not inconvenience the neighbors (much as we might like to retaliate!). If you do it this way, it's not actionable.
  5. And I'm getting sick and tired of it, too. I wanna mesh body and head and pretty clothes like everybody else's alts!
  6. Use the ADD command to wear more than one item on a clothing layer or more than one attachment on an attachment point.
  7. No, you don't have to pay for your store...or, not exactly. You DO have to have some form of payment information on file...a credit card or, preferably, a verified PayPal account. You will need the PayPal account in any case, if you ever want to cash in your profits and turn $L back into real money in your pocket. And you DO have to have used that payment method at least once. The easiest way is to just buy some $L. You can use them to go shopping, it's not a fee for setting up your store.
  8. File a support ticket. LL will usually put a deleted region back on line for a short period to allow tenants to remove their objects.
  9. That's not a hack, no one hijacked your account. That is a "deformer". It could be something (almost anything) that someone gave you, or maybe a freebie you picked up. Most deformers are defeated by re-logging. If you become re-deformed, be sure to check what you are wearing, and also check your active gestures. A deformer has been known to hide in a gesture.
  10. There are literally millions of beautiful things you can buy in SL, and make your avatar look fabulous. But to start with, I recommend that you "buy" only freebie items. There are tons of these too. The quality varies a lot. Some are pretty poor, but others are high quality. You just have to sort through the junk to find the diamonds. White Tiger Help Island has a nice selection of freebies. Also check out The Free Dove, and Fabulously Free in SL (FabFree). You'll find many other free stores by using your Search tool. Just click the Places tab and enter Freebies. On the Marketplace, use the Sort function to sort the results of a search by price from low to high, to find the free items easily.
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