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  1. My wife on Second Life is able to move my avatar when im not using the keyboard. How can she move my avatar. She told me there is something you gotta buy? Can someone please tell me where i can find this at so i can mess with her. She won't tell me where she got it at.
  2. I have some land for sale that is 8192m2. The land is priced at L$4000. It is really good land. Nice and flat. If you want to buy it reply back. If you want to try to talk me down to a lower price you can try. I am trying to sell the land within a few days. Thank you for reading.
  3. I have a 8192 m2 land for sale. Its a really good buy. It has1875 prims that you can use. I am asking L$4000. If someones wants to buy it message Humantree aka Joey Plunkett on Second Life and i will take you to it so i can sell you the land.
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