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  1. Hello my Sl viewer stops at initalizing VFS, I have an hp pavilion g series, and have tried the earase logs and roaming thing, and nothing has worked.
  2. Why is the SL viewer not working. I have tried to log in and it says un able to connect to simulator. I checked my internet connection and everything is fine but not able to connect. I have also tried the thing where I delete the log folder for SL, and the local forlder for SL and nothings working.
  3. The newest SL viewer is stuck on VFS. It had no problem loading the first time i opened it but i had to exit because the internet system I use requires a sign in, and after that it stopped working, however Viewer 2 works just fine. I have tried deleting the local and log file for SL and a reinstall, and nothings worked.
  4. Part of my avatar is not loading, I have cleared the cache, rebaked the textures, and re logged twice. Everything else is loaded but not the feet of my avatar. This is the pic of it
  5. Yes, but this happened after, I deleted the logs folder, and some stuff from the local second life thing cuz i fount no contestants, now I have this and everytime second life closes it errors in both windows error, and sends an error report to wherever secondlife sends them saying that it crashed. It was completely fine yesterday, i did no alteration when i first joined.
  6. i did what you suggested but now i have this,
  7. I cannot see the scenery, well its that its not loading completely, this is what i see on here
  8. I cannot find windows tools, i have windows vista, do you have any idea where it would be? Would a different viewer work, and would I lose any data using a different viewer?
  9. I just joined yesterday, and the viewer worked fine, but today it stalled on the VFS thing or whatever it is. I tried reinstalling it, but now it says secondlife is already running, i tried restarting, checked my task manager, and no second life is running. Does anyone know what to do?
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