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  1. Fer f@*! sake man that`s even worse than jazz, no one wants to hear that s£!&, they wanna hear this s£!&
  2. Hows about "slightly humouous to a certain clique but really rather spammy" ?
  3. Yeah, as much info as possible in first post is always useful. From my perspective "no" the updater isn`t broken and "no" hasn`t constantly tried to update again Running sl viewer on linux 3.2.0-59 Maybe check that the installer did update to the latest version correctly Good luck fixing it
  4. Try changing insall updates automatically to manualy. In preferences/setup
  5. nochanceofgettingyourhandsontheFAcupthisyearehspud?
  6. Ebbe`s obviously got class...He`s an Arsenal fan!....welcome to sl Ebbe
  7. Looks very much like it, I would never sign in under those circumstances. There have also been a lot of those phishing attempts put up through web links in group chat inworld and I know someone who had her account hijacked that way.
  8. Issues resloved, presumably by recent main channel restarts.
  9. Did wonder if it was just me but spoke to some neighbours and they`re having similar problems. It`s affecting sending IM`s from the region, TP`ing freinds in etc, like the region is dead or in lockdown. Anyway neighbours have filed a report to live help too, hopefully that`ll sort it quick............hopefully. Thanks for replies
  10. Forgot to say that HUD`s work fine, just menu`s specific to physical in world objects that are broken.
  11. Hi, I bought a small mainland 512m parcel about 8 weeks ago and everythings been fine until yesterday. Builds worked, scripts ran etc, but now nothing that requires a menu to operate will run. For example I have 3 linked telepads, "roof" "bedroom", "lounge", can`t use them because no menu appears when I sit. Clothing resizers won`t work, anything that usually brings up a menu just doesn`t work because the menu won`t appear. Clickable things that just turn on/off work ok. I haven`t changed any land options so it`s a total mystery why this has just started happening. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hi i`m runnig an nvidia 520, had problems with sl viewer version that I dl`d when I joined 2 weeks ago. Have ran the beta viewer for a week now and have found it to be very stable.
  13. Hi, thanx for replies. Well the confusing thing about this situation is that after the viewer got stuck and wouldnt load after about 10 tries, I uninstalled it and deleted all folders related to sl. Incidentally the folder in c /user/appsdata/roaming is hidden in case any one reads this and cant find it. Show hidden folders needs to be activated. Anyway 2 clean installs of rhe viewer still didnt work, so I went for the beta version, which, so far is working. As a newcomer to sl I know nothing about the game code, does any impotant code update while your in game ?
  14. resolved...downloaded beta viewer..working fine..fingers crossed!
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