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  1. There are a lot of avatars that I have that I can't transfer, to buy them again would be a small fortune. As for my inventory, I have thrown a lot out, boxed a lot of it and gave a lot of what was transferable to new players to help them out (with their consent.) I wouldn't personally get rid of THIS account, like I said. I use it to sell the gachas I don't want to keep (which for me is pretty profitable sometimes as I only do the seasonal events.)
  2. I don't see how this is the same as what I'm starting a discussion on. Cars depending on the model and year do go up in value over time. Normal people will either sell the old one as memories aren't technically real, what's happening when you "remember" a memory, you remember the last time you talked about it and so the details of it will often change as you age and forget bits of what actually happened, unless you have video evidence of some kind that you kept well. Comparing a car to something that is kinda not tangible (online accounts on any platform) is like comparing apples to oranges. It isn't the same thing. Edit to add: While yes you may have feelings of attachment to it, that will fade as it is a feeling.
  3. Edit: Scrolling through a lot of you are missing the point of this post... I'm asking if YOU ever thought of doing something like this, I want to know the whys if so not the full detail to reveal yourself. Just a question that's been on my mind as of late. No, I'm not asking you to out yourself or give information on your main or even alts that you may have. I just want to see the general thoughts on doing this. So. My account is nearly 8/9 years old at this point, I've acquired a lot of items over my time that I've... Never deleted for the most part because they were exclusives from hunts or once a month shopping things like Colab88. I've been thinking.. Maybe I should restart, start fresh with a new name and just.. Leave this behind. But then I think about all the rare gachas I've gotten and it becomes difficult, sone of those aren't available anymore or the rares that I have don't drop all that often unlike others. And then the amount Id have to put in at first to look at least half way decent before exploring again or even hiding out in sims I've become a fixture in.. Discussion questions: How many of you have done or thought of doing this? (Starting a new account completely.) Do you keep the old account for nostalgia reasons? (I would.. I also use this account to sell Gachas I don't want to keep.) How do you feel about others doing this exact thing, Do you know anyone who has?
  4. bleats I'm: not interested in anyones pants, I do flirt a lot - but I mean nothing by it. I'm a deer, I hang out in a lot of seedy places because that's how I meet the best people to chat with. I'm called either Diamond or just Dia. :3 I'd be happy to be your friend as long as you don't mind talking about anime, life stuff and getting deep sometimes. I make a great therapist! Edit: would give me a reason to log in more often.
  5. When I first started in SL, we had prims and system layers to work with. I didn't know what I wanted to be, my first avatar was your standard ruth, I made her as small as I could. But then I found Luskwood a few months later, bought lindens and turned into a wolf. Finding clothing to fit a furry av back then was hard, but we did it! Now a days, I'm a cute deer... Depending on my mood of course, I own a lot of rare gacha avatars that I either got from yard sales or the events themselves. ( I sell gacha avatars I don't want along with mods for others as I buy them from events. )
  6. I'd suggest a club that I hang out in that's generally laid back, but its well.. A club and in an adult sim. I've yet to have been propositioned, the people that are active in chatting are very sweet, we do a lot of dirty jokes but that's about it. There isn't any voice chat to worry about (which is kind of a killer for some, but i prefer it this way.)
  7. If he does the option of setting himself away, make sure he has a auto-response up too to let people know in vauge terms of why he has that set.
  8. I think another thing you aren't seeing is that a lot of todays "Rpers" (from my experince as of late) expect smut to be involved.. A lot. Even in the pg communities, it saddens me that it has become like that. A lot of "Families" I've encountered are usually in the club scene doing some incestwincesty BS. ...I think I spend too much time on Reddit now.
  9. Alright, thank you for linking that. I'm probably now going to just go on break till it's out. Lol, I've been dying to have a last name again. I should of never left SL years ago.
  10. Nope. Even with RL exes, I honestly care not as to who they move on to/with no matter how we ended our relationship, I just go my merry way assuming they are doing better since I seem to attract the broken. (Course.. The first RL person I dated as a teen ended up stalking me both online and RL, IDK if they still are.. I try not to think about it. I prefer not knowing, They confirmed that they were after I got into my most recent relationship and that was three years ago going on four.)
  11. Lol, I'm not leaving or going on break anytime soon... Well.. I might until they release the features I'm looking forward to returning.
  12. I've been scouring the blog almost weekly, I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything note-worthy, does anyone have an updates or have there been none? Most I know is they plan to make it a feature for paid accounts but at an extra cost.
  13. Thankfully, I don't have many friends (or any at all.) On SL, The regular people I talk to in the sims I lurk in wouldn't miss me much (I don't think)... When I plan to finally quit sl, I'd just uninstall and quietly leave... That way no one talks me out of it, I'll probably lurk in the forms and keep up on the blogs if it's a break.
  14. That... Actually sounds like it would be loads of fun.
  15. 1st Life: Three, on my fourth now. I've had a one night stand after a small period of dating the person (who later came out Trans. Last I knew she moved out of her parent's house and was doing well.). As for just dating people though, eight people. Number six was a downer after standing me up twice during our dating trial and I wasn't about to let it be a third. (course, I think he was kinda embarassed by being seen with me. I had/still have a mohawk.), seven was at least nice enough to let me down... Course his reasoning is just still a wtf to me.. Said I was awkward because I asked if I could kiss him... (I don't like people in my space, so I ask out of being polite.) 2nd Life: Uhh.. I've been on and off SL for years, during the years when we had last names and I lied about my age because I was the shut-in homeschool kid who was just left to their own devices, One relationship.. I cybered a lot. Now as an adult, none.. Surprsingly. I wouldn't mind dating anyone online as RL I am in a polyrelationship, I have the freedom to do whatever as long as my primary knows about it. (He has the okay too for dating others or having a f*ckbuddy.)
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