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  1. I just went and looked to see how much it would cost to buy lindens now and.. Lordy... 1.49? for a transaction fee? Just a month ago wasn't it like 0.60 or something? Any idea when they plan to bring the fee back down so casual players (like me) can buy some lindens now and then without having to do the extra math to figure out how much it'll be? Because this is getting kinda silly.. I bet next month when I go look it'll be up to 2.00$. LL, what the buck are you guys doing?
  2. I just got back to SL, and I was going to revamp my avatar, I noticed that as of yesterday the transaction fee has jumped from .99 to 1.49USD. Does anyone know why they've done such an increase in the transaction fee?
  3. Hello! I am glad that you've clicked this, I've been on second life for 5+ years now, and I'm finding myself to be incredibly lonely now, I'm not very social in real life so this is my only place for social interaction with other humans/furs. So, let me introduce myself! I'm Harley (Lavaliere Resident), I'm currently 25 years old and I live in the New England area of the united states, I'm a happy person in general and I love hanging out in clubs (providing they don't play top 40's, I'm into the Goth/Industrial scene, I also like all sorts of Rock music and some EDM.) I'm pretty cuddly too, I love cuddling with my friends. Think of the character Harley Quinn and you sort of have who I am as a person, only without a Mistah J. I can talk about almost anything for hours on end, Anime, Manga, Video Games, Psychology and much more! I also do like hanging out in RP sims as well. Edit: I'm fine with being friends with anyone across the globe, I'm a night owl anyways. When I say I'm looking for friends, I want people who will act as such, talk to me now and then, hang out in world, vent to me and let me vent to them, people I can care about and who can care about me. I'm just tired of being alone here.. and I'm not like lonely in the sense I want someone to date, I have that RL. What I don't have is people I can be platonic with.
  4. Hi, I go by Eva on SL. I'm 23 years old and I've been here since 2011. I took a break from SL awhile ago due to some personal issues and it seems that the one person I knew on SL has left. which has left me being very much alone and with no one to keep me company. I frequent Adult sims, I like hanging out in clubs and Hubs, I'm a filthy casual role-player unless of course I like the story of a sim and the people as well. I'm a pretty shy person, I don't IM many people as I always feel that I am bothering them. I've got a wide array of interests and can talk about nearly anything with anyone. I'm looking for people who enjoy being personal with their friends after a time, who would drag me to new sims now and then. You're gender doesn't matter to me, but I prefer people close to my age so 23 - 33ish, but older is also fine. I normally wear mesh avatars, I do have a few hybrids and a normal standard avatar that I roam around in too. If you want to get to know me and be my friend, feel free to IM me and leave me a message. I'm typically on at night around 10pm EST. - Lavaliere Resident.
  5. I hope it's okay to post this, I use third party viewers for SL, and I'm having some trouble, before I just use LL's viewer I was hoping to get some advice. I've used Firestorm, and recently it's been giving me a texture error after about 10mins of logging in, It keeps saying that It can't load anymore so everyone and thing stays grey. I then switched to Singularity which for awhile worked fine, but then started crashing about ever 20 mins I'm logged in or disconnecting itself from the internet. So I tried Black Dragon.. which crashed before I could open it, and Alchemy was confusing to use. I run an older HP laptop, It was just upgraded to Windows 10, I have a 750Gb Hard drive, Intel Core I5 @ 2.50Ghz with 8Gbs of ram installed and a 64-bit operating system. In case any of this info is relevant. I'm looking for a viewer to use that isn't LL, since I'm not really fond of the layout.
  6. Honestly, I had trouble reading it. But.. I think I get what you are trying to say. There is a lesbian BDSM community in SL, but it can be a little.. difficult to get into, a lot of the popular lesbian clubs require you to voice verify before you can go in. I also think you really haven't looked either, there's just as many gay/lesbian BDSM items as there are straight if you take the time to look and type in the right keywords.
  7. Group: secondlife:///app/group/ff0432ba-ddd2-2c60-b172-0de8a44ecab0/about Let me tell you about this group I just joined, Mkay? It’s a support group for women who are into Chasity. The groups description reads “A mutual support group for women who believe in chastity A good womans sexuality is secure and only for her Master or Husband please join if you would like to protect against, promiscuity, infidelity, lesbianism and masturbation to have more fulfilling lives as better wives, lovers, students or daughters non denominational Male friends are welcome as long as they respect the chastity of single or other men’s wives They may also wish to bring their own wives/slaves.” Well, I’m interested in chasity, Maybe this group will be a learning experience, But…. The group is lacking in members as I’ve noticed, Which kinda defeats my learning experience. Unless, awesome people who are interested in it, Join the group. It’s a free to join group, obviously the bolded is what the group charter says. I provided you with the link, my good folks, in order to use the link, copy it, paste it into local chat and hit enter. But, between you an me, the group’s description could use a little work. Maybe something like.. “This Non-denominational group is a mutual support group for the women who believe that a good woman’s sexuality is a highly protected thing she has to offer her Master or her Husband only. Please, Join us if you would like to support these women in their chasity, Help them protect against the dangers of promiscuity, infidelity, lesbianism and masturbation. Help them live a fulfilling life within the lock and key of their legs. Chasity, Women, Wife, Husband, Master, Lover, Daughter, Student, Support.” The last line serves as the groups tag list so they can have better luck gaining members.
  8. Alright, thanks for your point of view on them, I'm still looking for other viewpoints on the different mesh breasts. ^^
  9. I did it the lazy way. Screen capped, Yo.
  10. Before you read into this, I've already been to this page right here. Which doesn't really give me much insight on the various types of mesh breasts that are out there. Alright, now that I have that out of the way. I hope we can talk boobs. I'm debating on buying a pair of mesh breasts for the reason being that a lot of clothes that I like, just look a lot better with them than without them - So.. Knowing that Lola Tangos does dominate the market, I really am not all that interested in paying that price, I want to know about the other mesh breasts out there and from their users. I've asked the Big Boobie Babes group, but they really don't offer much indepth experince from the mesh breasts, They are just reciting what the link i've listed says and that doesn't do me much good. So, If any forum goers have any experince they want to share that might help me out in deciding what to buy as far as breasts are concerned, that would be wonderful
  11. Hello, I'm Lavaliere. I'm looking for an active RP family, preferably an anime-themed one that's looking for their missing trap. [I play a male gendered character whose female in apperance.] The backstory and information for who I play can be found on my profile in the Picks section. Along with a long list of other information. I'm looking to play someones "daughter", The youngest age I am willing to play is 18. My IMs are OOC, so please come and IM me. ^^
  12. All you really need is the shape, Skins just make the shapes look better. I'd suggest trying to build your own shape if you can't find anything that's exact. There's a few shape/skin packages on the marketplace, I think this shop called Toyko Girl or something like that has tall avatars.
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