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  1. hi a thought crossed my mind about what if your avatar had gotten banned/kicked off to many sims would your account get deactivated or banned off of second life? just wondering :matte-motes-grin:
  2. for some reason whenever i log onto second life the land im on says its for sale which it isn't and whenever i teleport it logs me out and when someone IMs me it wont pop up like usually. please help? i downloaded firestorm and the same problem on there:matte-motes-dont-cry:
  3. My Avatar is a Tiny tot ( little 3 year old) and my friends who are little like me are smaller. i don't know if its on this setting or some sort ... please help any tips on how to stop floating? :catsad:
  4. You can Buy lindens by phone i use this site:http://www.telelinden.com/en/ fully trusted xoxo!:catvery-happy:
  5. im on a Windows computer "Dell" and i tried redownloading & Reloading and all i get is Graphic Initalization Failed, Update Your Graphics Driver HELP ME
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