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  1. Looks like slcp is Mac only, though. Gotta find a Windows-friendly one...
  2. That did it!! Now to figure out the subtleties of edges and collars and stuff... thanks very much.
  3. If he didn't know I was doing it, it would feel like cheating. If I wanted to do it and he knew I was doing it, and he was okay with it, that's fine. "Cheating" even in real life isn't only about sex, it's also about having intimate emotional relationships. Even if there was no sex, treating someone else like they were my spouse would feel like cheating for that reason. I can get that emotional contact from hubby. Also if I want some dirty internet chat I suspect I could get him to oblige. He travels for work a lot, and if ever we feel like we need to spice things up while we're apart I'll see if I can get him to install SL... >
  4. So I went through this tutorial to make a shirt texture in GIMP, and I uploaded it so now it's in my Textures folder... and then the tutorial I was reading described how to put the texture onto a shirt with Viewer 1. I have Viewer 2 and Firestorm. Any tips? For some reason I can't find any newer tutorials that describe how to apply the texture in any of the current viewers. Thanks.
  5. I wouldn't do it. A relationship in SL could become a RL relationship, so I won't do anything sexual with anyone who isn't my RL husband. Re: attraction and "looking" and so on -- yeah, we both know what kind of people we find physically attractive, and we can talk to each other about it, and maybe even notice other people in public and tell each other. That doesn't mean either of us is going to cheat. You can appreciate a work of art without having to have it in your house.
  6. I'm talking about the weekly events where you show up in a themed outfit and get votes, and win $L. My favourite locations: The Shelter (Sunday evenings): http://secondlife.com/destination/1278 Velvet Manor (Saturday evenings): http://secondlife.com/destination/the-velvet-manor-club Where can I find more? I'm having a blast. :)
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