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  1. Are you on the latest FS viewer and a Mac user? Cos lag has never been the same since I upgraded to FS4.6. I literally cannot type when I'm in a sim with a couple of avatars. This is due to a bug called Cocoa or something. I know nothing about these things and that makes it worse trying to find a solution. The kind people at the FS chat group advised me to upgrade to Mavericks, so as to curb some of the problems I was experiencing but I was warned it won't solved the lag entirely. They were right. In short, my SL experience is now being really compromised. Sigh.
  2. Someone I've only IM-ed once but never added onto my list tracked me down on the SIM I was on. He then took pictures of me with another person in an intimate though non-sexual situation. No IM was made between me and this person who took the pictures but the pictures were later then used as materials to blackmail me. This has totally ruined my SL experience of thinking that it's a fantasy world where things can be just different from one's real life.
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