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  1. yes i think it was a glitch and willt ell her to raise a support ticket for it. thank you
  2. I had cause to contact a person who had filled out an application for something and next to their name is a link supposedly to their profile and in all cases I have experienced this is automatically generated and the link does go to the persons profile. The link after this persons name had their SL sign up name and i clicked it but it took me to another persons profile. I thought i did something wrong so tried again same thing. The profile had a different name and different user name. But i did write down the key and checked it against the applicants real profile and at first it appeared the s
  3. Changing viewer skins works for me also but not long term i have to do it every so often, changing a piece of clothing or makeup can also work.
  4. Why is my Linden Dollars showing I only have $1 in world when i go shopping when I have over $12,000
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