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  1. I loooooove microbrews. Took a trip to Burlington Vermont and toured the pubs and breweries there. There's some wonderful stuff there :3 Had over 30 different beers in one weekend. In fact, I'm drinking a rye lager right now . I'm looking to get into home brewing but schotol eats so much time right now.
  2. My psycopathic ways need redeeming? ):
  3. I've done extensive text based roleplaying and so it's normal for me to be interested in roleplay in SL. While I haven't yet really gotten into it, the couple RPs I've encountered were a little lackluster. It was particularly dissappointing because I feel like having the visuals could really lend itself to roleplay. To those of you that have a text based roleplay background, how is it different on SL? What are the challenges? And where can I find some decent roleplayers even though I don't really have any experience here yet?
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