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  1. I checked in to the Adult Hub today and was greeter by Gary, the greeting bot, which furthered my anxiety over the question I currently wrestle with, Do we need a sex bot capable of passing the Turing test or do we need to be learn to take care of each other? Obviously I phrase the question as I do out of my own belief system. It's real human beings that make SL where I want to be. My observation from standing at the gate for the last 60 days or so is that it is the content providers that make the difference. But then I have a broad definition of content provider, every person that sits at
  2. Hey Innula Zenovka, No, I don't really know where it was I was first rezzed but checking my teleport history says http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Welcome%20Island%2027/28/226/25 Then I think I used the destination guide to go to a few adult rated places and found them more or less empty of people. I the point being my experience was much like Gavin describes above, that is except I am not just your average porn surfer, but someone who is willing to search hard for where the authentic, interesting, and sophisticated are hanging out. I will check out the new Zindra hubs, that is event
  3. So just being a noob here, rezzed just 10 days ago, the experience is fresh in my memory. My experience was more like being dropped in a T S Eliot Wasteland. I'd say LL should take the old first rule of porn movies to heart. That is to say, a porn movie had to show the real deal in the first minute or it went in the dust bin. So as soon as it can be determined that the noob wants adult content, a whirlwind taste of hidden pleasures should launch to implant in the noob a promise of what may be found. And then to be dropped in a desert island adult sandbox.
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