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  1. I think you have a good idea. Not sure what linden has set up (if anything) to help consumers and vendors . But if its going to be a bbb, then customers should have the option to file complaints in which the bbb follows up on w/ the vendor to resolve issues just like they do in RL. Can't really go around negative feedback on various vendors if you want to open a bbb because its based on better business practices and all data (negative and positive) should be available. Don't want to post negative feedback on a vendor? Then that really should be the vendor's problem for not being a seller that meets customer expectations (such as delivering product in a timely manner, putting in place return or replacement policies, ect.) Just my opinion.
  2. I looked up meeroo after, thanx for answering my noob question, lol. Um, I think you're only as old as you feel. Perhaps your age is just old to ppl who aren't there yet or don't understand that age is just a number once you reach the "age of consent," of course.
  3. Hi Akalee, I 'm on pacific time zone too! Lol but not a guy. Sorry. I like dancing but only if the music is good. Some clubs do have a lot of talking but not serious conversations. Are you talking about RL age or SL age? PS what is a meeroo?
  4. Lol, I could use a beer too. Just hope my team makes the playoffs. On another note, yes there ate good guys out there but hard to find. Idk how you found out he was cheating but kudos to u. Just don't let the experience hinder your ability to trust Mr. Right when he does come along.
  5. I like both so for me I'd have to say that RL gender doesn't matter. In fact, kudos to u if you're playing a different gender and can pull it off. Damn, I should have picked a male avatar then! LoL
  6. Hi Sofiee! R u trying to make friends? Are u taking to pp? You've been on a long time. Anyway, I would be happy to friend you. I enjoy the dance clubs, exploring, rp, chat rooms. Im a bit of a trash talker but only w/those that like to have a good laugh too. I'm older though, 31 in RL to be exact. I'm sure we can find some things in common as I have a wide variety of interests. I'm also a writer in RL so I have a great imagination for rp. Tip: I've made several friends just by starting up conversations and I maintain those friendships by always saying hi to them when there on our sending tp requests when I'm doing something fun that I know they'll like. Hit me up in SL. I'm on at different times. But I'm on SL time if that helps.
  7. To Curious, Hi, I am your new SL lover. My time zone is the same as SL. I'm a woman in RL too and I also enjoy the ladies. Come find me and we'll play. Sincerely, Compensation
  8. I don't think its cheating because RL is real and SL isn't. Now don't get new wrong, you can develops feelings for someone in SL but if you have an RL life w/someone you really do love, then your SL friends should know that before feelings start to fly. For me, Ive had SL sex and my bf was in room watching the pixels on the screen go. You might think its strange, wrong, or wonder why my bf just doesn't get his own avatar and have sex w/me in SL too? But the bottom line is that my SL life is a persona of what I want you to see and to me, they're just pixels on a computer screen.
  9. In SL I just have "friends." some come w/ benefits and others don't. I dont need a serious relationship in SL because I have that in RL. There's nothing like having the person physically there. But I do enjoy my friends on SL and try to be a good friend, even if I know I'll probably never meet them in RL.
  10. This thread has been hilarious! Thanx for the entertainment! PS lies just get u into more trouble at the end. Why not be a big boy and support yourself? There's no sense in denying the truth that u r a man whore. At the same time, tell her u what u need, she just might be down for a threesome.
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