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  1. I understand that some people here who offer services or shops have a notecard that they send to people when interested. How can I do this? Also how do i set my profile to adult? And is there any way to avoid people under 18? Thanks
  2. I bought some adult genitalia and now when i look for them they don't show up anywhere in my inventory, only the notecards. I have looked through every folder and also cleared my SL cache. I paid for these, they weren't free.
  3. When i click on the information for submitting a ticket it just takes me to forum answers. Please give me a link to open a ticket. Thanks
  4. I bought an item from a shop in the marketplace and when my email confirmation arrived it showed i had gotten 2 of the items and been charged twice! i told the seller and they said to submit a support ticket because the confirmation code is the same?? How do I do this and how do i get a refund? Thanks
  5. Thanks Linden lab, i have signed in but no change?
  6. Hi, I went through all the steps on the age verification page and set my viewer in preferences to see adult, but when i nthe marketplace, everything but "general" is still greyed out. I thought that if i bought game money with my credit card it would then age verify me that way but it doesn't seem to accept mastercard? Can anyone help? Thanks
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