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  1. Awesome, thank you for all that info
  2. Does anyone know of a good skin maker that makes body tones for Eve (pulpy) that match with a Laq head (Poppy). Any and all advice is appreciated Jeremy
  3. https://gyazo.com/52b646e985a5792915e84482d898dff6 It's at the Cosmopolitan event, has anyone tried it yet?
  4. https://gyazo.com/53be9e76d5e6a80193c36026faef68ec Which button is mask mode?, this is what the layers looks like in the Jake hud
  5. Yep, I would toggle the clothing layer on and off, with the tat layer active. It would not stay on on MY end visible using the Omega applier for tattoo on top and bottom, well actually let me rephrase a lil bit, the bottom half would stay fine, it seems to be a glitch with Omega applier tats that the top halves either vanish altogether or pieces vanish. I dont know if anyone else has experienced this problem or not. I know the tat is there, people tell me it is there, but it looks silly on my end. I luckily had 1 in my inventory that had a Beleeza applier, but I hate to think that all my good
  6. I set the tats through the Omega appliers to the tattoo layer only, and yet still it is there one minute and then either the entire top portion will disappear, or a piece or 2 will vanish on me for no reason. Seems like maybe its a problem with older tats possibly, ones like 2 yrs old that worked great on the Slink body but can't quite stay on Jake. I guess I was lucky enough to find one in my inv that had actual Beleeza appliers and so far so good. But has anyone else had this issue with Jake?
  7. I have recently purchased the Beleeza Jake as an "upgrade" from the Slink Aesthetic. What I want to know is, has anyone else had issues with Omega tats being there one second, then simply vanishing, or parts of it vanishing on user end? I would hate to have all my ink go to waste. Or should I just buck down and use tats that are Jake compatible only? I toggle the top clothing layer on and off and its there one min, gone the next or parts of it vanish. This is highly annoying as I went with this body to eliminate that terrible seam when using the Vista or Slink hands on the Aesthetic body witho
  8. I myself am looking for a dj gig. I am known throughout the grid as DJ Zodiac, I have managed, co-owned, dj'd, hosted, danced, you name it I have done it. I am versatile in musical stylings, however I will not and can not play country in any way shape or form. Same goes for endless hardcore rap. I can do a set or 2 of it but not as a stagnant genre with no flexibility. I have my own stream which I prefer to use over a house stream (I will discuss reasons why upon contact). I have a great deal of success in genres like EBM/EDM/Mashups/Metal/Industrial and more.. As of now my schedule IRL limits
  9. 3rd Annual Halloween Costume Contest! COME PARTY! ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █▓▒░ ❶ WHO : ★ DJSugarSweets ★ DjZodiac █▓▒░ ❶ HOST :★ Neo ★ Armeetus █▓▒░ ❷ WHAT : ★ Halloween Costume Party ★ █▓▒░ ❷ WHEN :★ 10/28/17 ; 4-12pm slt ★ █▓▒░ ❹ WHERE :★ GHFH After Dark ★ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sensual%20Twilight/150/26/1001
  10. I'm just gonna leave this here https://www.mixcloud.com/The_DJ_ZoDiAc/ I hope my sounds put a smile on some of your faces, and maybe we will see some of you out and about at one of my gigs. Music is a wonderful thing that can heal the mind and soul. I hope you enjoy my offerings. Z
  11. Thank you huys for your replies. I wish I had the body for the Stray Dog body appliers but sadly I am on a Slink body for now. But I have looked at Clef de Peau and their work is solid from what I have seen and they work with the Slink Body
  12. Which Is fine, I have a head and body skin that do match. Body from L'etre and head from Stray Dog. I want a change for an event that looks good and is lighter then what I currently am rocking. SO I am looking for suggestions for creators that people know of for skin makers beside L'etre. And have Catwa appliers for my head to match. I really wasn't wanting to go to L'etre again as there have been a lot of bad press on them lately and I know there has to be some better ones out there
  13. I'm currently looking for alternatives to buying anything more L'etre at the moment. I know Stray Dog makes amazing head skins for the Catwa Bento heads, but I need alternatives for my body skin that look good. Any help is appreciated J.
  14. They claim it's limited edition. There's no possible way they can guarantee I wont see this somewhere else a month later unless they are going to conference me in when they press delete. Even then who's to say they don't already have it backed up elsewhere. Just one more aggravation to contend with. I refuse to pay 3k for any damn hoodie.
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