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  1. A new school is opening in September and is in need of a Ballet Teacher as well as teachers for other performing arts, visual arts, and traditional liberal arts subjects.

    Pay will be minimal based on enrollment, so this is a job about passion and community, not the money.

    If you are interested please contact Dr. Kayla Winters (winter.azarov) in world for an interview.

  2. Unfortunately,  most of the people on this forum are not very familiar with Family RP communities.  Here is how it works....

    You go to the adoption agency of your choice, pay for the parents panel and fill out the application, dropping your photo (make sure it is family friendly) and application notecard into the panel. 

    Next, you go and review the kids panels, when you find one(s) that you like, you will hit the "LIKE" button...if that child "likes" your panel as well, you are matched and you go on trial for a week or so.  Either of you end the trail at any time.

    If the trial goes well and you decide to proceed the adoption will be finalized and you can get and adoption certificate.

    As far as allowance and what not....keep in mind that being a parent IS a big responsibility, you need to (at the very least) be sure that you have a home large enough to accomadate your new family, provide lots of interactive, rp experiences, you'll have to deal with school, find thea doctor , etc.  It IS a big responsibility, but it is also very fun and rewarding and there is a HUGE Family RP community out there to give you lots of family things to do.

    There are also options if you choose to have a baby as an introduction to the family life, again you will have to find a doctor and all the things you will need for the pregnancy and then once your prim baby arrives you will have to care for it, buy the diapers and clothes etc. just as one would expect for a new addition.

  3. UPDATE:

    Got it and it works just fine, running on high and even went to some of the more laggy sims I tend to frequent and it might not be quite as smooth as my desktop but it works great.  I'm using firestorm at the moment, have not tested it with the SL viewer yet but will do so later and I don't anticipate any problems with that one either (aside from the typical problems that is the SL viewer lol)

  4. *nods*  As I said, I have a desktop that I use for high end stuff, I just added a beefy new graphics card to it so that's what I use for all of primary stuff like taking Photos or anything I need to run on High for.  I just hate being tied to my desk all of the time and want somehing simple that will let me get in world in a nice comfy spot on the couch from time to time lol.  I just want to make sure I can actually get in! :D

  5. I'm thinking about buying a new laptop during the holiday sales, I have a main PC for bigger stuff, I just want something casual that  let's be bein SL without being chained to my desk 24/7 and the one I am considering has the AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics card with up to 1461MB total graphics memory.

    Any suggestions whether or not this will be sufficient for running SL.  I currently use both Viewer 3 and Firestorm (sometimes Dolphin).

    Any feedback would be appreciated :)

  6. A new, unique family matching service is opening in SL and we need counselors who can devote a few hours of their time towards helping people build families and make lasting connections.  We will offer complete training, must be fluent in English (other languages a plus), have a professional and family friendly appearance, and have a desire to help others.

    Positions Available include counselors, attendants, and supervisors; pay based on tips and commission with possible weekly bonuses.

    Application can be found at: http://lastingconnections.webs.com/jobapplication.htm

    Feel free to send me a PM with any questions.


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