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  1. I just recently updated to the new version of the viewer, and just as a small bit of feedback, I really don't like how you guys changed the UI again. It's getting a little irritating how you won't leave it as one thing for us to get used to. Though that isn't my biggest problem. When I updated, I found my entire inventory just completely wiped, all of my stuff is gone, my objects, my clothes, even my landmarks, they all just disappeared, and I can't find a single thing except for the stock items. I had over 5,000+ items in my inventory and not a single one of them is there anymore. Just to see if it was something with the new viewer, I tried changing to Phoenix, since it acts like an older version of the viewer and I figured it would help. Turns out, my inventory is still missing or invisible. The odd thing though is that my clothing and skin showed up somewhat still there, but they didn't show up as items I was wearing. Can you please help?
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