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  1. Yes that sort of thing .. I didnt mean them cough up the cash lol
  2. No I didnt say anyone is funding me lol and doing the graphics etc is a job you get paid for it so its a job they are not doing it for free
  3. Well here's the story ... I have wanted to start a business for years but never really had the funds for it but now in SL I can find the right people to help me. I have a fair few business ideas that I want to start. I have made a list of the sort of people I am looking for. Who I am looking for Good graphics designers Financial assistants Business Partner - MOST IMPORTANT PART Very good builders Scripters That's it for now if you think you have got what it takes to be on our team then message me. Thank you very much for looking
  4. Im looking for someone to start a business with on SL I have the idea in my head and everything just need someone to help me do it all. Message me and I will let you know more about the business etc. Thanks for looking
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