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  1. alright now guys don't fight and thanks for the info i actually didn't know Meeroos doesn't give much lag. Most of the price are expensive. My country's currency is low so i can't afford much linden. That is why am i still searching for low priced skybox or land.
  2. Anyone know where can i rent a skybox for 1 Linden per prim? :D My wife and i want to breed Meeroos, they are so cute ^_^ We need about 100-150 prims should be enough :D
  3. Is there a small private island or parcel i can rent for a decent amount of prims for 5000 Lindens and below? and i meant ANY private island or parcels
  4. I am finding for a script that plays songs/sounds when i type. So far i made this one default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(10); } timer() { if (llGetAgentInfo(llGetOwner()) & AGENT_TYPING) { llLoopSound("A5", 0.2); } else { llStopSound(); } } } But the problem is it stil plays the song even when i stop typing. Its kinda buggy. Hope someone else have better script. Thanks in advance :)
  5. Need a photographer for my wedding ^^. And I don't want to simply take. Catch properly like a pro :P Tell me your price and time not so sure yet. Will Inform you. Thanks in advance ^^
  6. Xerev

    Flower Typer

    Want to do something special for my girlfriend :matte-motes-wink-tongue: . She likes flower and purple colour. If anyone can help me make a typer which purple flowers around her when she types ^^. I will be eternally greateful. Edit: ok i found a rose prim and a script. I am able to make it come out when I type. But is it possible i make them spin, This is the script. All i did is add script to the prim link the roses(4 of them around the body) and attach it. // the first free keyboard script // by nonnux White // free to mod, sell, erase, explode, burn :) list anims = []; default { state_entry() { llAttachToAvatar(ATTACH_BELLY); llSetTimerEvent(.2); } timer() { anims = llGetAnimationList(llGetOwner()); if(llListFindList(anims,[(key)("c541c47f-e0c0-058b-ad1a-d6ae3a4584d9")]) != -1) { llSetText("",<1,0,0>,1); llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_SET,1.0,ALL_SIDES); } if(llListFindList(anims,[(key)("c541c47f-e0c0-058b-ad1a-d6ae3a4584d9")]) == -1) { llSetText("",<1,1,0>,1); llSetLinkAlpha(LINK_SET,0.0,ALL_SIDES); } } }
  7. Is there an avi creator out there can do this avi? http://images.wikia.com/fullmetalpanic/images/8/81/Sousuke01.gif Will be a great help ^^ This character is called Sagara Sousuke in the Anime Full Metal Panic
  8. Is there an avi creator out there can do this avi? http://images.wikia.com/fullmetalpanic/images/8/81/Sousuke01.gif Will be a great help ^^
  9. wow thanks guys for so many replies ^^. I went to my inventory and found the **bleep**ty hud, did not heard that one so I though thats the one that causing the problem, so i deleted it but the problem is still there. and the youtube url is what people get when you upload the video, they give u that tiny url. and its already 8 hrs so don't think its a script in a prim. who is afraid of the shorten url, heres the full one:
  10. Think you haven't see the video yet . I only wish it was that simple. See the video you would understand. He crash after that.
  11. I am new to this forum, first time using this and i can't seem to find a place to start a problem tread. So i am so sorry if this is the wrong place. But my friend is having a problem and i think its because of me. I am only 8 days old. I think i did some weird scirpt on Kuula region and i don't even know how to write script. Everytime he comes to Kuula he have this weird error and a pop up comes saying that i want to animate him. Hope someone can help me fix this problem. He uploaded a picture of this problem. I seriously hope someone can help me fix the problem that i cause to him. Video link: http://youtu.be/XnVgK1fAc74
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