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  1. Hi, Emmett. I know it's been a while since we've contacted each other, but I recently came up with an idea for your poetry business. Assuming you're still willing to do this with me, what if we model it after an auction house, yet we'd take requests. I figure we could hire a small staff, people who are interested in writing poetry, take requests from customers, and if a few people have similar requests (say, for a set of haikus), someone could write the piece, run it by the rest of the staff, and then offer it up to the highest bidder. From there, whatever we earn from the auction, the primary poet who wrote the piece would earn some commission. Sure, the plan would need some work if / when we put it to action, but if you can, write back soon and let me know what you think.
  2. Definitely interested. I'm more into fiction and poetry, though. My username is Suny06Grl. Please IM me with more info about the magazine.
  3. Emmett, I'm not sure if you got it, but I sent you a message in world. I'd definitely be interested. Selling poetry sounds like fun! Besides, it sounds like a good way to help me try to overcome writer's block!
  4. Suny06Grl


    Is anyone hiring for jobs involving creative writing?
  5. To SL employers: I am still fairly new to Second Life, but I am looking for part-time jobs. I am interested in creative writing (fiction), so if any prospective employers would send me your locations, I would be happy to fill out an application.
  6. I recently took interest in a SL job via the facebook group, "Second Life Jobs". I went to the in-world location and took a notecard. I filled in my information in the application document, but I don't know how to submit it. Can anyone tell me how? I'd really appreciate it!
  7. I'd like to start a tourism agency in world, but I have absolutely NO experience in business, and I'm not a business major in school. I'm still fairly new to SL, but I've done some exploring/research and I stumbled on a blog in which the author explained how when she first went in world, she was disappointed to learn that there was no center for tourism in world. SO, that was my inspiration. HOWEVER, I don't have any L$, and I don't have any experience running a business (SL or RL), but I really want to do this. Does anyone know if it's possible to apply for a virtual loan in world? HELP!
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