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  1. Price $295 USD you pay transfer fee ($100 USD) total is $395 USD teir is due 6/1 simname is Shadow Spire must be renamed and moved (included in transfer) contact me in forums or leave me a notecard Gemmett57 Resident First come first serve I am only selling one full sim
  2. not grandfathered price dropped to $1 USD +transfer and it is stil available
  3. $1 USD + transfer fee 2 homesteads available Shadow Isle Shadow Realm transfer fee includes moving the island and renaming and is $100 Contact me in world or drop me a notecard as i get message capped alot Gemmett57 Resident
  4. Selling a homestead $50 USD + transfer fee total $150 USD teir is the 7th of each month name will have to be changed and moved (included in transfer fee) Please contact Me here (Gemmett57 Resident) or Nazzirah Thorne in world via notecard if you have tried to contact us in world please send a notecard as we get msg capped all the time
  5. Selling 1 homestead "Shadow Realm" Tier due 3/7 Must be moved and renamed Charging $50USD + transfer fee all said and done $150USD Please contact Nazzirah Thorne or Gemmett57 Resident
  6. i can't wait for my new av name instead of Gemmett57Resident(dispite my display name that hasn't changed since i joined everyone still calls me gem if thet even consider talking to a lowly Resident) I will make my next name G3MM3TT-,,-".5653"6733F74377 Resident, oh and good luck trying to get that correct in a sscript so I can unlock a door. Unless you want to use the UUID of my av which reads like a nintendo password 85eacc3a-5fed-483b-ac09-c5fc0c13fcfd. Hech maybe I should use that as my username. Rodvik invented a new level of fail yesterday, I mean Epic Fail doesn't come close to discribbi
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