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    I can't fly

    Some sims have "No Fly" option, and others have invisible prims to ceil the avis and not let them fly. Also at a very high altitude like sky boxes your avi by default will not fly unless you are wearing a "Flight Feather" that might add your speed and flight height. All you need to do is check the sim first and make sure it's allowed flight. Check if you are in a skybox or how high you are. if not then it must be an invisible mega prim that is stopping people from flying. Also check if you are the only one with the problem.
  2. Hi I have made an attatchment object, an animation priority 4 & a simple animate when attached script it works fine even when my AO is on, but as soon as my avi moves the object animation is overridden by the AO although my Object animation is priority 4 I am looking for a script that would either play my Object animation a little later than the AO walking animation Or a script that would activate my Object animation when moving. Those are the solutions I am looking for but I sure need any advice. Please Note that this object is like any roleplay object, like a gun or a glass or a bag.
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