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  1. I'm just curious, what image was it? Do you have the link to this person's Flickr?
  2. @OrwarThank you for that definition, but I was just asking OP what kind of para the others were doing. XD Like multiple lines, or multiple posts?
  3. Unnatural RP (unnaturalrp.com) is a modern supernatural sim, rated adult, no kids. It focuses mainly on role-play and storyline; adult situations do happen, though.
  4. Unnatural RP is back! This modern supernatural roleplay is set in Ashmore, PA, in the Pocono Mountains region. We're looking for people who want to play humans, werewolves, vampires, Phral (magic-users), and shifters (shapeshifters who can change into local/domestic animals). There is a veil/masquerade in place, which means supernaturals live in secret for survival from those who would want to hunt them down. We have danger, conflict, active storylines, and events. Come to Unnatural and add your own story! We are a para/semi-para RP with easy-going mods, active players and storytelle
  5. When you say para, do you mean a few lines or a few posts full? And have you tried Unnatural yet? It's one of the first modern supernatural sims that I can recall springing up from a few years ago, and they recently brought back the sim this year. I've been having a lot of fun and I've noticed the RP styles and length vary from person to person, though few actually do one-liners.
  6. List was well-written, I think it'll be helpful for sim owners and players alike. I have a feeling that people arguing against said points are defending themselves for having violated them before.
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