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  1. I'm sorry that you’re unhappy with this forum post. I’m only asking for assistance from Second Life residents who are willing to participate. If that's selfish, I apologize that this study, or the academic integrity of this study has offended you. We thought the forum would help us connect with people that have already voluntarily shared their stories. I do not feel comfortable continuing this conversation on this forum, as this confrontation has become unnecessary for the success of our final project. We will continue our study in world to avoid any confrontation that for whatever reason, this has caused.
  2. My focus has been on my research for my university study, not on my replies towards you. If you do not like the word "means" in the context I put it, that's fine. But continuing an unnecessary commentary on a forum post you clearly have no interest in is a waste of both of our time. Thanks for those who have agreed to our study! It’s nice to have participation from Second Life residents who are helping us out with our final project.
  3. Sorry if this sentance did not explain our study properly to you. The "means" of computer based relationships states we are exploring the motivations to build and sustain relationships on Second Life. Our study is fully explained for those who take interest, and we will not conduct any research until a consent form is completed, which explains this study is only for educational purposes and will not be used for anything outside of our course requirements. To clarify, we are not taking a stance for or against online relationships, but simply hoping to learn about how Second Life has provided a platform for these relationships to exist. The participants are completely anonymous and the research is conducted for the purpose of a Multimedia course that explores avatar culture. The purpose of this forum is for anyone willing to help us with our research, not to offend anyone or force participation. Thanks
  4. The study simply is asking participants to share their experiences with relationships on Second Life. Thank you for your input, but we are "in world" as well, the forum is another way for us to connect with residents. If you aren't interested in the study, please leave the forum for those who are willing to help. Thank you.
  5. The reason for the study is for educational purposes only. The study is run by University students in order to understand the means of computer mediated relationships. The study will not effect residents in Second Life in any way, the results are just meant to compare relationships in the virtual world to relationships in the real world, and how they differ or are similar. We are still looking for participants, so if anyone is interested it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  6. Hello, We are students at McMaster University and currently in the process of doing of a study on Second Life versus real life relationships. If you are interested in helping with this project, please reply and further information will be provided. Here is the information for the study: The objective of this research project is to facilitate inquiry on how romantic relationships are formed in Second Life and how these relationships are sustained through online communication and interaction . The information obtained from this interview will be used for a Multimedia research project for McMaster University. Confidentiality and Withdrawal: You are participating in this study confidentially. We will not use your name or any information that would allow you to be identified. No one but the members of the research will know whether you participated unless you choose to tell them. All information and data will be kept on a computer and protected by a password. If you withdraw from the research, all information you have provided will be destroyed. Once the study is completed, an archive of the data, without identifying names or direct information will be available for an exhibition for participant and community benefit. Your participation in this study is voluntary as it is your choice to be part of the study or not. If you decide to be part of the study, you can decide to withdraw, at any time, even after signing the consent form or part-way through the study. If you decide to withdraw, there will be no consequences to you. If you withdraw from the research, any data you have provided will be destroyed unless you indicate otherwise. You can still be in the study even if you wish not to answer all the questions. Your decision whether or not to be part of the study will not stop or affect your use of services in Second Life. Any participation would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Raylin, Nicole, and Stephanie
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