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  1. i like the old way where neryby chat was befor. now its one thing and its hard for me to under stand.
  2. I got this tattoo done. i paid for it and she has not got back to me or anything. i asked meany times to see how things are and or how long is it going to take. its been more than a week or so. and have herd nothing back. i think i was scamed and want my 850L some l back. can any one do anything or how do i go about doing it from being scamed. please help. thats the i paid to get it done the tattoo.
  3. thanks but im not good at makeing things my self. and i asked 5 but no one will help.
  4. i want a tattoo made for my self. and been looking all over for this one and no one has it at all. i asked others that make it and no one will make it for me. and i said i would pay for it to be made for me. the tattoo has a word and a crown above it. the word is hung and the small crown is above it. the word is bent and the tattoo is faded. i have a link to what i want. some girl had it in a pic i found looking at stuff online. and want to know if any one would help me in makeing me it. i would pay in l for it to be made. i have a link to it. the girls hung one on her with the crown is what i
  5. i was in a snadbox. some one put something on me. now i can not see my av name gourps or anything. said he delite my av. then said whoud reoprt me and i dont knwo why. i need help freom LL very fast please
  6. i dont like this new update at all. all the stuff has changed. i have ims from clubs filling up the right side of the screen. it takes me longer now to find something now. other stuff is on here now that i dont need. the stuff is smaller now and is hard to read as well. and what is with thie av thing why do i wont to be a noob av thats just so dum im sorry i dont need something like that. I whoud like the ims and pop like clubs and freins on the botom where it was. and why do i need to know what the land is called thats dum. i dont wont to know what the land is called i can find out jsut fin
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