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  1. omgg its a hole intire world you must explore it to find out how amazing it is !! chat with people and etc, go to freebies look for free clothing, hair, acessories and others (you can go to freebie by clicking on /search/ button and then /places/ and then you type freebie and then you teleport) well i'm kinda ewgh but i really hope helped in something lala
  2. Why do we have to submit our personal information (credit card) to be able to upload a mesh model ? What i mean is, why do we need to submit it for uploading a model and we don't need it for uploading an image ? It is a mess for who just want to work and improve its skills when we are submited to do something that we are not agreeing with. The truth is that linden lab is trying to change everyone in premium members (but how is that possible) taking what before was a right of everyone and changing it to only premium members rights. RE: ugh where do i reply the comments ? anyway: ''you need payment information on file'' , i have never been a payment member or bought lindens and i have more then 40k and i think its really rude they pressure us to put our credit card information only for uploading it.
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