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  1. Hey guys! I really need help here. This has been happening on & off for a while. Sometimes (& recently, more often than not) whenever I try to teleport to an unfamiliar sim or a sim that has more than a few avis on it my modem shuts off. By that I mean the "internet" light on my modem goes off. So not only do I get kicked off SL, but I can't use the internet for other things either. I can either wait or reset the modem before it lights up again, but then it'll just keep happening if I leave my apartment. It's getting really frustrating and extremely limits what I can do on SL. It wasn't always like it & sometimes it doesn't happen. But lately it has been. Someone suggested I use a wired connection instead of wireless. Tried that & it didn't work. Someone suggested I clear my chache. Tried that & it didn't work. I don't know what information you need from me, but I'll try & be thorough.... Viewer: Firestorm, but I also tried Phoenix and Viewer 2 & it still happens. When I tried on Viewer 2, it took longer for me to crash. I wonder if that has to do with me trying the same sim over & over again, or because I used Viewer 2... Computer: iMac with 2.5 GHx Intel Core i5 Internet: Verizon DSL I would really appreciate someone's help! You can even hit me up in SL if that will help things move faster... My name is the same here as it is in game. I really want to put this problem to rest! Thank you all so much in advance!
  2. I bought a tip jar to use when I work at a club. I don't know how to use it... I can't wear it or attach it to myself because then it moves around with me. Help!
  3. babygurl420x

    I can't fly

    Everyt time I try to fly, I jump up & then hover right above the ground... It wasn't always like this... What happened?? How do I fix it??
  4. I've tried what you said Rollig Loon, but the sphere only lights up when I right click it. What am I doing wrong?
  5. I've tried what you said Rollig Loon, but the sphere only lights up when I right click it. What am I doing wrong?
  6. babygurl420x

    Shoe light?

    I know there are face lights out there to light up your face. Is there such thing as feet/shoe lights? I saw an avatar who's shoes were lit up/glowing & I was wondering if I could get that somewhere or if it was just the way his shoes were?
  7. Just wondering. I notice that some female avatar's breasts bounce when they move/dance & I was wondering why mine don't.
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