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  1. Hi . I am looking for some one to share my Second Life with . I am 11 yrs Second Life , a surfer , I sail , I live a life on the water in SL . I own a surf sim and am a premium member . I voice , cam verified . I'm looking for a bare foot surfer girl , hippy , gypsy . I am Australian and prefer voice as a means to communicate . So my Timeline & voice would be important . I can be flexible with these things also . I am a gentleman . I do not chase women and prefer a monogamous relationship with a like minded lady . RP - I am a dominant man in bed . I prefer not to place
  2. :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  3. Best info Ive read about Sims and the way they work TY very much .
  4. Karen TY after the fiasco of where I lived this has be some great info ty
  5. One of my ex girlfriends in SL . She embraced the vampire theme with class and smexyness I miss her biteing me .
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