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  1. I had this same problem last month, I went around in circles with the Billing dept for two weeks with submitting tickets and calling them...I got different asnwers from everyone I spoke to..some said it was a 5 min fix, some said they had no clue why it wasn't working and some said they esclated it to the next level in billing support to fix. I even called my credit card and had a 3 way call with my credit card and LL Billing..it was all on LL's side. Two weeks after submitting my ticket I got a responce that said to wait two weeks and try again...and it did finally fix itself but it was such a frustating and horrible experiance.
  2. Shoot me an im the next time you are inworld, I'd love to chat and have a shopping buddy!
  3. Happy, balanced and very much in love with my soulmate.
  4. I am an adult in SL, I have the most amazing partner and we are just starting our family. I am currently pregnant with twin girls! We also have future plans of adopting. But I would love to have parents of my own, that would love to be grandparents of our children (Zooby & SL kids). I would also love to have someone to walk me down the aslie when I marry my partner. I do not care about the family makeup, it could be a Father/ Mother, Mother/Mother or Father/Father, as long as it is a loving family with open and honest comminucation I will be happy. I would love to be a big sister and have younger siblings that I can have over to make forts and go on adventures with. I am open to big or small familes. One thing that I have run into a lot is families that use voice 100% of the time, it's not for me..I have no issues using voice time to time but I feel that it takes away from the family RP. Leave me a note here or message me in world (annakashannon resident) if you would like to chat. :) Some other info about me and my partner: I live in the MST timezone, my partner is CET timezone. We are both inworld around 12pm SLT to late in the evening, sometiles until 3/4am SLT. We have known each other for over a year, we are very stable and very much in love. We have a large home with a lot of fun activties, like a swiming pool, a playable pool table, hot tub, atv and biking area and much more. We like to have fun exploring SL, doing different activities like bowling, motorcycle riding, playing pool, shopping, dancing and anything fun. I love to build and I am getting into making mesh items.
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