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  1. Sy Beck wrote:

    They may have seen the light, but only as it flashed past them.  The thing about the majority of educational establishments is that they tend to be run by people with some intelligence and have scarce resources.

    That's why educational establishments have fled to cheaper OpenSim grids or just put sims on a USB stick at a fraction of the cost that LL is offering them even now.  SL in comparison offers only a larger population, which is of no significance to educators as they are primarily only interested in their own class cohort.  It offers slightly better bells and whistles than OpenSim grids, but still has the same basic tools that educators were quite happy with years ago till LL's pricing policy pushed them elsewhere.

    I remain unconvinced that this will lead to anything, but a very minimal rise in interest or sim ownership by educators.  The bird has flown.

    Dammit Sy, how come you can get away with direct criticism and a clear statement of the failure of LL when my post that said the same sort of things, but sugar-coated with sarcasm, was stealth-modded?

  2. Perrie Juran wrote:

    But I'd be doubtful if we see much posted here though time may prove me wrong.

    The forum is presently empty - other than the mandatory LL sticky posts - because a considered post I made arguing that additional categorisation of users would be necessary for educators to identify their target market seems to have been removed, although in the absence of any explanation from a Moderator, Community Management Linden, or a splenetic Education Marketing Executive perhaps I should assume that the forums are currently subject to the same corruption and deletion of content as the Profile Feeds.

    I seem to remember that a forum was created to coincide with a Vampire Weekend - no, not the band - which also suffered from over-enthusiastic demands on adherence to a positive attitude, with realistic comment removed and hagiographic content officially applauded.

    Oh well, silence does not create echoes.

    ETA: I seem to remember that the forum for the Vampire Event was populated by commissioned laudatory paeons to the virtual undead; perhaps we can expect a similar rash of overly uncritical opinion from Thinkerer and others involved.

  3. PeterCanessa Oh wrote:

    BBC Radio 4 were so stumped for something interesting and original to say about the baby that they gave up and had 
    journalists commenting on what it was like to be a journalist reporting on a royal baby story.  Sometimes these media people really can't get over themselves.

    Mind you, baby news wouldn't have been of any interest either.  Thank goodness it's over now, except for those that want to buy all the merchandising.

    BBC Radio 4 recovered with aplomb, however, scheduling a programme about tax avoidance in 11th century English monasteries, with a member of The Archers offering expert opinion.

  4. KarenMichelle Lane wrote:

    I'm not even from one of the "Colonies" but I want to see "James" again as a royal utterance. It so needs to come back into favor

    While Philip is alive, and James Hewitt is still stuffing his bank account with appearances on Reality TV shows, there isn't a cat's chance in a dog-filled Hell of James being even one of the six or so names with which the poor kid will be saddled.

    Edward, or even Adolf, is a better bet.

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