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  1. I have downloaded Second Life Beta Viewer and it is the same as the regular Second Life it says its sending me to server 1 but it fails and says it crashed someone please help?
  2. Everytime i open second life my connection closes?
  3. I can help with that I am great at organizing
  4. Hello I tried the SLurl but it didnt work is it because im in beta viewer?
  5. Anything is nice but I pick one that pays and is an Obstetricians.
  6. you are viewing this dont just stand there help!!!!!!
  7. I have the latest version of Second Life and it is randomly closing saying it crashed and its trying to go to server 1 but it always fails please help:mansad::matte-motes-crying:
  8. I open second life a billion times and it closes a few minutes later and says it froze it didnt seem frozen to me
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