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  1. Has anybody tried out Project Spark from Microsoft? http://welcome.projectspark.com/ Looks like one can create one's own world and its all free
  2. Coaldust, Thanks for the clarifications. Found your page at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Suggested_BVH_Joint_Rotation_Limits to be very informative . Nice of you to have taken the time and effort to put it up. Wish Linden would put in some more effort into their documentation. With them it is like "we will build all these great tools for you but will not tell you how to use them. You have to figure them out yourself" I dug some more and found few more interesting pages Joint Names http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Joint-names/td-p/810861 Linden Skeleton Definition http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Avatar_Appearance#Linden_skeleton_definition_file Speculation on animation changes http://blog.nalates.net/2012/02/14/sl-animation-changes/
  3. nice article on Second Life http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2012-03-15-linden-lab-the-weirder-the-better http://massively.joystiq.com/2012/03/15/linden-labs-second-life-extremely-profitable-company-looking/
  4. I use blender. How would bvhacker help? For just changing bone names bvhacker might be an overkill
  5. It looks like that the Rig used for creating Rigged Mesh based Avatars cannot be used for creating Animations for the same. I created a .bvh animation file using the same Rig which was used for creating the Mesh Avatar but got an error message while trying to upload it. The error message was Unable to read animation file. Incorrect root joint name, use "hip". I then manually edited the .bvh file , replacing all the new bone names with the old ones and was then able to upload the animation. Can someone confirm if this is how this is supposed to work? Is this documented somewhere? Would this change in future? It is surprising that one can't use the new bone names for animation too.
  6. 3d games and SL like virtual worlds are on a convergent path 3d games have started incorporating SL like features and SL has started incorporating Games like features. More and more Game Companies now allow players to "mod" their games. Take for example the latest hit - Skyrim It is a gorgeous, addictive, immersive game. The graphics are stunning. Sometime, like I do in SL, I just walk around in the game, examining and admiring the world. That kind of graphics with that kind of frame rate is currently impossible in SL. It is not a multi player game but has a great AI and the NPCs and AI makes it very immersive. Now Skyrim provides something called a "CreationKit". A PC game owner can download this for free. It is a powerful, versatile IDE for making mods for Skyrim It provides for path finding, navmesh, scripting language, story manager etc It allows the gamer to build their own world, using any of the thousands of professionally created assets which comes with the game. Structures, items, avatars, animations, voice overs, NPCs with built in AI Amateurs can easily build there own 3d games/worlds On the other hand SL has started adding Game like features. Mesh is already here. Path finding, navmesh , NPC characters are in pipeline. Then there was the recent LittleText People acquisition - some kind of story manager? Now SL has something that most other mod kits, game kits, 3d systems do not have. It has this great in world creation capability. In most other system, there is a build system and then there is the run system - a design time and a runtime system. You build your world then you load it somewhere to see how it would run/appear. In some system it is easy to switch between the two, in others it is cumbersome. SL does not distinguish between the two. Your design time is your run time environment. Because you are building inworld you always know what your build will look like. It is as if its not you but your avatar who is doing the build !! And that is powerful. Many people have tried to make 3d creation system which are intuitive and easy to use. The SketchUp group( now owned by Google) had the goal of making 3d accessible to everybody, Unity3d was started to democratize 3d game making. Both have done a great job but none of them come close to SL as far as ease of use is concerned. Where else can you just point to the ground, rezz a primitive, torture it, slap a texture, apply material, apply colors, turn physics on, add particle effect, add scripts A pre built terrain and sky Then of course you have networking built in - chat, multimedia, voice - multi player system becomes no brainer Then add inventory system, asset ownership , commerce, virtual exchangeable currency, a great professional looking market place.(Both Sketchup and unity have their marketplace but they pale in comparison to that of SL) Amazing stuff, enough to make a Game designer drool. But few things need to be fixed - speed sucks After playing a game like Sykrim (with it 40-50 fps) SL feels like walking through molasses. With official viewer 5-10 fps, with a TPV like Cool VL viewer or Firestorm maybe 15-25 fps and this on Linden created place like Linden homes or Linden quest game - land price and prim limits like somebody pointed out it is high time the land price went down and prim limit went up 128 prim !! come on! Get on the cloud like kitely.com. On kitely for few dollars a month you get a whole region for yourself with 100,000 prim limit !! Imagine what you can do with that kind of prim limits - default animations the default animations make my avatar look like a retard !! when was the last time the default animation was changed? 10 years back? - terrain texturing system creating simple paths in SL is a pain would be nice if we could just "paint" paths on the terrain like in other system I am sure others have their own pet peeves
  7. You got my vote. I like the first option. Save space and also makes the viewer look more like a standard window application, internet browser
  8. If you are on version 1 then check out Cool VL viewer. It is based on version 1 and supports mesh. The new Phoenix version (the one which supports mesh) has borrowed code from this viewer to support mesh. The viewer is pretty fast too. I think it is the fastest
  9. Linden should work with AMD/ATi and get them to fix these performance issues. I am assuming Linden lab is big enough to have some leverage over them.
  10. I think the problem is with ATI cards. It seems that ATI cards do not have good OpenGL drivers and SL uses OpenGL (rather than DirectX) I recently got a ATI HD 6570 card and the FPS was horrible. I then came across this article http://spressie.com/2011/10/10/second-life-computer-guide/ I had a couple of years old nVida card (GeForce 7900 GS) lying around. I tried that and got much better FPS (nearly double of what i was getting with the newer ATI card). So I am dicthing my HD 6570 and getting an nVidia (GTX 550 Ti)
  11. I have 5 adjacent 512m2 parcels on sale. 4 of these are on sim's edge with protected Oceanview. See http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coda/16/102/81
  12. I have created a bug report for this. see jira bug report : constant CLICK_ACTION_ZOOM not defined for function llSetClickAction() And also a new feature request see Feature request : Ability to set camera position and rotation with CLICK_ACTION_ZOOM and llSetClickAction() Please vote if you think this is worthwhile.
  13. Nice workaround. This, ofcourse, limits you to just one camera angle and position and does not provide hint that the face is zoomable but in the absence of any other alternative , not a bad idea.
  14. Your are right. Looks like the CLICK_ACTION_ZOOM constant has not been defined. The following equivalent code works though default{ state_entry() { llSetClickAction(7); } }
  15. Yes, it does zoom to where the cursor is but the creator might want the user to view the object from a particular angle and particular distance. Lets say you have created a billboard and you want all users to view the board from the front with the board centered on the screen. If you set the ZOOM option on the bill board and the AVATAR clicks the object when it is behind it, the camera will just zoom to the back of the billboard. This would be like just setting the click action on an object to "Sit on Object". If the Sit Target is not set then the AVATAR will sit at the center of the object instead of where the Creator might want him to sit.
  16. See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetClickAction for CLICK_ACTION_ZOOM Also when you edit an object in viewer 3.2 you will see a "ZOOM" under "Click to:" as shown below
  17. Looks like, starting with viewer 2, Linden added the "CLICK ACTION ZOOM" option to the llSetClickAction() function. Setting this results in the Avatar's camera zooming to the object when the object is clicked by the Avatar This is similar to the "CLICK_ACTION_SIT" setting, which results in the Avatar sitting on the object when the object is clicked by the Avatar. Now for "Sit" Linden provides the llSitTarget() function which can be used to set where the avatar would sit on the object. I was wondering if there is a similar function available or planned for ZOOM (maybe a llZoomTarget()) , something which could be used to set where exactly the camera is positioned when zooming to the object. Currently the camera just zooms to the object and the user then has to manually position the camera to examine the object properly. A function like this could be used by the creator to show off his object in just the right manner. This would be a big boon for shops, ads, games etc
  18. You can't move the toolbar - that would be a nice feature to have though. You will have to drag and drop the buttons to the other side.
  19. Like: The sidebar has gone and has been replaced by tool bars. I can create up to three toolbars and dock them on any one of the three sides of the viewer or I can drop them off altogether. Button on the toolbars can be added, dropped, rearranged or dragged to other toolbars Clicking a button opens a window, clicking it again closes the window. Windows remember and open in their previous position. Chat box is floatable. I can now locate it near my avatar as I type. Lot more screen space. Pressing CTL-SHIFT-U removes all UI elements - toolbars, menu, slurl bar, favorite bar etc to provide a clean unencumbered, immersive view of the world. Dislike: Performance needs working on. I usually get a low 10-15 fps. windows waste too much space and are not easy to read Here is a comparision of the inventory window in Phoenix with the one in Viewer 3.2 Here is a comparision of chat and IM windows - 1 window in Phoenix , 3 windows in viewer 3.2 Would like: Auto-hide feature for toolbars
  20. I have a relatively low end machine CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+ (2832.27 MHz) Memory 4096 MB OS Version Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD 4670 Series, 1GB I tested Viewer 3.2, FireStorm-Beta and Phoneix in a nearly empty sandbox region and moderately populated region Here is what I got as far as fps is concerned ( I had turned off anisotropic filtering, anit-aliasing vbo in all three) viewer empty region populated region Viewer 3.2 20 fps 10-15 fps Firestorm Beta Mesh 35 fps 20-25 fps Phoenix 1.5.2 50 fps 30-40 fps Viewer 3.2 has a nice new interface but as can be seen it has the lowest performance, so low infact to make it virtually unusable for me. For now I will be sticking with Phoenix.
  21. I did not realize that lsl portal was a volunteer effort. I randomly checked few of the lsl wiki history pages and did not see any linden name. One volunteer which I saw quite often was Strife Onizuka Well kudos to the volunteers. They have done an excellent work.
  22. Thanks for pointing out those links. They have been duly bookmarked into my favorite list I see a discussion going on in the Second Life Server forum about a new function called llSetKeyframedMotion
  23. I see that they mark the new functions as "NEW". I wonder how long do they leave those as marked new. It would be helpful if, like other scripting or non -scripting languages, lsl had release or version numbers. This way one could check the release notes to find information about any new functions, features etc. Another thing which would help too would be if the description of each function in the wiki showed the date on which that function was introduced.
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