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  1. hmm, that is if what i'm selling is already made, what if what i'm offering is a service, something they would want me to draw and i'll do it for them?
  2. ahh thank youu for replying on my message, i've been waiting for a reply lol, ohh that's really cool, so i really can't sell artworks here on the forums? i should go elsewhere? also, i was wondering, what other jobs here on SL can an artist get paid aside from doing skins and stuff, i've been told it's the most common job Thank you
  3. Hi, I came from sites like Gaia online, subeta and the likes, where i sell artworks of their avatars or original characters both for real cash, and in game money, i would just like to know how does that work here? here's sample of my arts: http://zeamay.deviantart.com/
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