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  1. I'm 5'2" and a bit - must be an SL thing - attracts 5'2"ers ?
  2. I'm jumping in here and hope that's ok instead of starting a new thread. I don't DJ but I do like streaming my own music collection to my land in SL. Been gone for a while - when last about in SL I used to use Winamp - seems that's not good with Windows 10 - any suggestions please - and thanks in advance
  3. I joined SL back in 2007 and after floundering around for about a year trying to figure how everything worked out - especially the residents - I became friends with a group of people who were beginning to mess around with building. It really was the best fun, I learned a lot about SL and also about other important things, such as the need to avoid drama, and not to take anything too seriously - especially myself. I built a lot of warehouse/industrial stuff with broken windows and falling in roofs (remember lots of those kinds of builds back then) - those were the days of prims, textures a
  4. I've never got that close to anyone in SL (and I used to be here a lot before taking a 3-4 year break) but a good RL friend met her partner in SL, they've been together almost 8 years now. ?
  5. And therein lies the secret to a happy Second Life ?
  6. I wonder will older residents get a chance to change our name... I quite like mine but I have seen some that probably seemed clever at the time but maybe not so wonderful now.
  7. I'm truly amazed by your gift, thank you so much x
  8. I've been reading through a lot of the topics here and think I have learned a few things: No need for mesh body unless you go naked/beach/skimpy - mesh clothing will do the job no need for mesh head, Hands might be something to consider Questions Remaining: I quite like my old look from years ago - smallish, older female with slightly more androgynous look - would like to give it an update though even though I'm now even older ? Perhaps need for mesh feet - but is that relevant if you wear mesh shoes/boots? Are all new skins wearable with system head/body?
  9. Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment. I love that rims are still being used... and loved. I think the best way forward for me is what so many of you have suggested - prims, sculpties and a bit of mesh - using everything for the best effect and the greatest joy. This may just be enough to give SL one more 'go'. Thanks again everyone, hopefully I'll see you, or some of your build inworld ?
  10. I used to build a lot some years ago, always for my pleasure and not commercial. I think the downgrading of prims (because that's what it felt like) when mesh came in had an impact on how I enjoyed SL. It's never been quite the same since. I only go online every few months now, just wondering if things had 'calmed' a bit.
  11. Wondering if anyone builds with prims anymore. The old fashioned way - inworld , upload textures - all that historic stuff. Just wondering :-)
  12. You are so right - will be a pity if shopping leaves SL - not sure if that's the way it's going that SL itself won't slip away - just like the High Street
  13. I'm going to dive in here and say... YES. But then crazy people are nearly always the most interesting and the most fun so... congratulations. :smileyhappy:
  14. The thing about SL is that it's approached in different ways by different people, all of whom can't see any wrong in their approach. So if someone looking for a fantasy romance meets someone who wants RL 'morals' involved - it will always be a disaster. Pick your friends carefully, your lovers even moreso. Or be like me and be an 'SL butterfly' :smileywink:
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