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  1. Charolotte Caxton wrote: I am happy with the new interface. You can remove or reposition the avatar button, Satann. Press Ctrl T. Now there is a little buttons screen. You can grab any button from there and drag it onto any edge of your viewer besides the top edge. You can also drag any button off your viewer into this screen. Once you have the buttons you want, you can close this screen and reposition your buttons. For example if build is under inventory but you want it above, just drag and drop. Oh wow, thanks so much
  2. Oh how I know your pain. Two ideas. One, contact the creator. That is the SAFEST way to remove the scripts you want removed, as they own the object. You'd be surprised I think how many creators are kind enough to do so. Probably should send a notecard to them rather than an IM for capping issues. If they can't help you, ask them how you may try and fix it? After all, YOU bought THEIR product and I believe you're intitled to at least help (some can argue with that though). Two, this product (YAY only 1L$ too): https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Remove-Script-from-a-prim-Clean-prim-using-Scrubber/264404 It has instructions and it's pretty user friendly. I've had to use it a few times when some creators refused to remove a script. Cheers!
  3. Satann

    RLV forced TP

    I believe Open Collar (search for their sim inworld search) has a script for free you can put into a Mod necklace/collar.
  4. Cool idea but two issues with that: 1) Like others have said, age verification is an issue. I have come across 12 and 13 year olds on second life, and to be thrust into a word of virtual adult entertainment is just begging for trouble. And yes, even a male genitalia part will add to that. Not to mention say a 13 year-old wanders on second life (that really sounds like a beginning of a joke)- doesn't do anything significant but still has that lil' down-under-thunder going on. His mom clicks the Second Life icon to see what it is and finds her sons avatar, male parts intact. Ten dollars says she takes her anger not only out on her son but calls LL to complain about such a "indecency". 2) I know more than 1/4th of Second Life users do not want to spend any money when they come here. There are great freebie things for that, and things to do, and ways to earn more rather than spend it. I think you'd actually find the Second Life population greatly decrease.
  5. Am I the only one excited to get used to and therefore use V3.2? Yes it has bugs, but what viewer doesn't? As far as the UI, I find it FAR more clean and easy to use than V2 all together. I will always be a Phoenix fan but if I have to use a viewer that enables mesh, I will plan on using V3. The only negative bit I have (so far) is that the left side bar, top button, is "choose an avatar". Which sure, will come in handy for new folks and such but does it need to be the top button, let alone ON there? I'm sure there are more important things there that could take its place like build, or something. Just a thought.
  6. Hmm, have you tried restarting your browser? Also, make sure you didn't make a small mistake in your credit card information, I've done that before.
  7. Hi and welcome to Second Life! Most places inworld won't hire your avatar until you are at least 30 days old. For now, just focus on exploring and all the great freebies! (A website that helps direct you to good ones: http://fabfree.wordpress.com/) If you are set on earning money NOW, the other advice I have for you until you hit that 3-0 (and I may add, that's not ALL 'employers'), try visiting http://www.prizego.com/. You can take surveys or download games to earn points, and once you hit 2,000 points you can turn it in for 500L. The website describes it all
  8. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Voice verification means nothing. Voices can be changed electronically. Also, I had a SL employee once that was a man in RL who played a woman in here. When he had to voice, he just had his RL wife or daughter do it while he sat next to her and told her what to say. I didn't find this out until the gentleman passed away and his RL wife came on and told me. I can usually tell myself as men in women's avi's just don't act like a RL woman does. This man was an exception though. His wife told me she allowed him to play SL and do as he pleased as long as he played on a woman avi and that she coached him on how to act so he wouldn't give himself away. Pretty bizarre i admit, but no more than a lot of other things i've seen go on in here. lol Wow and yeah, that's really creepy
  9. I agree completely with wrable Amat. I understand some people use SL to get away from their RL, but for the most part it's pretty integrated. I think it has to be a decision between the two. Proximity is also an issue. I've dated someone on SL who lived half way across the world and WHILE it was fun and lasted quite some time, it ended mutually (mostly because of distance). Another person I met in SL, actually lives two hours North of me and we're on real life terms now. It's all about luck. And with that, good luck!
  10. Haha I must be boring because I usually just -stand- in my skybox, change clothes, take a photo or voice with a friend. But I know what you mean This is actually a really good topic and I'm interested to see what people say. For ME, it would be a skybox (unless I lived on my own sim, I've had lots of on-land property issues with neighbors) within a 0L-1000L range. It all depends on what it offers and how it looks (I usually can find ones that are beautiful from hunts, promos and sometimes even freebies, though). Now that I started typing I'm kind of...lost of what to say. I like modern and urban designs. Loft-ey type looking places. Places with porches and maybe a little yard. Nothing too...slapped together looking? Definitely a combination of prims and sculpties. I don't use my mesh viewer often enough to say 'build a mesh place' yet. Cheers and Second Life is glad to have you back
  11. Yeah woooo! *cheers and etc* It's seriously awesome though. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  12. Technically you CAN get a pregnancy HUD if you want to experiance the glorious wonders of seeing "_____ is having their first contractions!" in local chat :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  13. Satann

    lost L$

    Sometimes the/a viewer goes slowler with transaction updates. Trust the website over the viewer.
  14. Hi! First question here, yay, etc. So last night I was playing wqith my Phoenix Viewer graphics (antialiasing) and I think I broke something. When I went to re-start my viewer it would run the little "clear cache, texture cahe, loading viewer" box in the center of my screen; but it won't actually open the window. I have tried re-downloading the viewer and re-starting my computer. I can't clear cache because I can't even get to the log-in screen! Please don't let me be stuck with Firestorm forever. q.q
  15. Try a subscriber (Subscribe-o-matic is best, and it's free up to 500 avatars)? I think that's what you mean. If you mean sending an object/notecard/etc to multiple people at the same time. The only issue is that they'd have to join first.
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