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  1. You've all been fantasic I was wondering if any of you have a free Second if you could vist http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shiratori/240/102/57 and interact with some of the objects there its the final stage of my testing. Thanks again to everyone who's helped
  2. Thanks for all the support so far guys I am running a script on the object withing my home , its called watch box its aim is to logged user interactions with the object in which the script is embedded . So i can get some test data could i ask if anyone is willing to visit http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shiratori/240/102/57 and touch everything Also if any is interested V-economic research feel free to ask and ill fire you of a copy of everything Iv researched and developed. Also the watchbox script itself is free to anyone who wants to monitor things x
  3. Thanks for the responces guys , Iv added you in World ;P
  4. Perhaps it is , but this isnt the people I am interested its the Technology and wether it can support viable economic trade.
  5. Hey there SL residents , I am particulary new to Second Life. I am a 4th year university student doing research into virtual world economies. However I am terrible at navigating within Second Life. I need to setup a small test shop and I was wonderng if anyone could guide me through this ? I can reward you for your time :) Thanks Muchly Az
  6. Firstly Id like to thank you all for giving me your time and support , its been greatly appreciated but it has come time to announce the winners. I hope I do not offend anyone but I would like to take onboard the idea of one of the respondents which is to split the prize into 1st 2nd and 3rd. So without further a due 1) Klunitz Aeon L$ 1500 2) Orca Flotta L$1000 3) Rene Erlanger L$500 Thank you all once again for taking part , I aim to be avaible in SL for several evenings this week during the write up of my survey so I hope to deliver you all your prize as soon as i can Az x
  7. No actualy so far the number of posts match the exact number of respondants on this thread. However I will probably be spliting the prize into 1st 2nd and 3rd draws. That way even if there are some bad eggs who post in the thread and dont bother to take the questionnaire hopefully at least one deserving person shall recieve a prize.
  8. If you posted in this threaded , then I will graciously accept that you took the time to answer a five question , questionnaire. I also stated that should you wish to be eglible you need to post you SL username if it is different from your forum name in this thread. Ill then add your username to a pile and choose a winner or possibly winners on friday
  9. That is a nice suggestion , and one I will definetly keep in mind. However I intend to keep this survey open till Friday and should the number of respondents reach quite a high number might not be such a nice prize then , but we shall see
  10. Thank you all so far for the excellent responces , iv got a note of all the usernames to make a draw for the prize. I had a thought would you all rather have a grand L$3000 prize or a first L$1500 Second L$ 1000 third L$ 500 ?? let me know you've all be so helpfull
  11. Thank you very Much So far only 2 respondants your chance from the prize seems good
  12. Hey there lovely Second Life residents , I am currently a 4th year University student an Edinburgh Napier university Scotland , I am doing reasearch into virtual brand inination and how successfull virtual world brands can be , I would really appericate it if you took the time to fill in a very brief questionnaire. See the Link bellow. http://kwiksurveys.com?s=LJJDJJ_c4beb918 Also if you do take the questionnaire post you user name bellow for a chance to win a 3000 L$ prize from a random draw at the end of the week. Please feel free to leave me any feedback :P
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