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  1. My wife and I finally decided to upgrade one of our accounts, we are trying to start a business in SL and need a place to work. Anyway we played the full $72 and selected our new Home. The only trouble is that her account can't access. Traditionally if you have land you can give access to someone under tha access panel. But in this linden home every option is greyed out it that regard. Please tell me how I can give her access to my new Linden Home. This really makes me want my money back, very disappointed.
  2. When you have been roleplaying for years now, I enjoy the dark rp elements, but I also feel its the purest form of entertainment to participate in a great scene with talented creative minds. If you are new to Roleplay Sims or a seasoned veteran I urge you to come check out Midian City. We have a lot of good players that are happy to help the newer players learn to RP (classes, tutorials, even youtube videos... cool right?) But also for you veteran players I will say that there is A LOT of stuff to do RP wise here, from science and medical, biker gangs, homeless, androids, drugs, prostitution, werewolves/vampires(though the general public of Midian does not believe in them), and a lot more. Your biggest challenge is going to be figuring out a character for the world of Midian City. I saw this thread was kind of old, a couple years, but I wanted to refresh that Midian City is still going stronger than ever, still looking for dedicated role-players. Check us out and for any questions IM me, Trevor Regent. Thanks!
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